England Blazers

England blazers

green blazer


The donation of an England blazer to the National Badminton Museum in 2005 caused us to look at the records, where we found that the first blazer adopted by the Badminton Association was in fact the All England blazer. The Annual General Meeting of the Badminton Association in 1904 passed a rule entitling past and present winners at the All England Championships to wear this blazer which would have narrow stripes of red, white and blue on a dark green ground. At present the museum does not have an All England blazer – it is high on our wish list. We do however have some pictures and we attach one which shows Queenie Allen (later Webber), with her All England blazer.  



Audrey Stone blazerIt was not until 1913 that an English International blazer was adopted denoting that the owner had represented England as a member of a team rather than having won an individual title. The international blazer consisted of narrow green, white and blue stripes on a dark red ground.   Therefore the two blazers consisted of four identical colours but with different arrangement making them quite distinctive.

An English International blazer that belonged to the late Audrey Stone (Mrs Dance) of Kent was donated to the National Badminton Museum in 2005 – she had appeared in the England team in 1954/5. This was been put into a display cabinet and is on view in the National Badminton Museum.   The museum invested in a special cabinet excluding camera flash light to preserve the quality and colours of the blazer.

The blazers could be obtained from Mr G. Lewin, 8 Crooked Lane, King William Street, London E.C. 4.   We are reliably informed that players paid for them and that they were not cheap!