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Reference material in National Badminton Museum

A large amount of reference material is available in the office of the National Badminton Museum in Milton Keynes, England. Persons interested in accessing this material are invited to make contact – see contact details.  Photocopying and scanning facilities are available. Users will be asked to become Friends of the Museum or make a donation to the museum funds.  This material includes: 

First magazineBadminton Magazines:
The first publication of official notices and news from the Badminton Assocation was in a few pages devoted to badminton in Lawn Tennis, December 6th, 1899, and this continued until 1907, the journal  changing it's name to Lawn Tennis and Croquet in November 1902, and to Lawn Tennis and Badminton in April 1907.

The Badminton Gazette (see left) devoted solely to badminton was launched in 1907, and 8 volumes were produced up until 1915 when the Great War caused it to cease publication.  It resumed again in 1921 and 18 more volumes were produced up to 1939 when the 2nd World War again caused publication to cease.  It started up agin in 1946, and was issued until February 1979.  Therefore the Badminton Gazette had been produced for over 70 years. 

The Badminton Assocation of England had decided that a more professional approach to the magazine was now needed and in March 1979 Badminton incorporating Badminton Gazette was published by Marsh Publications.  This continued until July 1982.

In October 1982 a new magazine came into existence, Badminton Now which was produced in house by the Badminton Association of England.

From January 1991 the magazine was known as Badminton and continued until March 1999. Between August 1991 and September 2009 a new magazine, also called Badminton was produced four times a year which was distributed free to all affiliated members of the Badminton Association of England (Badminton England since 2005).  The format was changed and the contents were aimed at members rather than the general public interested in the sport.

On September 21st 2009, Badminton England announced that a new magazine, Courtside will be available to members and the first issue is due out in December 2009. 

World badminton

World Badminton magazines:
Published by the International Badminton Federation (later World Badminton Federation) - first issue was in January 1972 and the last in Nov/Dec 1999 - the museum has a complete set of reference copies (may not be removed from the office).

No further magazines were produced by the International Badmidnton Federation as the decision had been taken that information would in future be made available through their website.



India 1897
The National Badminton Museum has a useful, but limited collection of photographs.  We are very grateful to Peter Richardson and Graham Habbin who have kindly donated collections of photographs - we also anticipate receiving a further collectioin in the future. 

Most of the present collection results from the submission of photographs to be considered for inclusion in the magazine or other publications and most relate to the post war period up to the 1980's.

The use of modern technology has meant that photographs as such are no longer received in the museum.

Details for the following sections will be added soon.

  • Minutes of the Badminton Association, Badminton Association of England and Badminton England.
  • Books
  • All England Programmes
  • Handbooks of the Badminton Association, Badminton Association of England and Badminton England.