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International Badminton … the first 75 years

wbf bookRecently received in the National Badminton Museum is a copy of International Badminton … the first 75 years produced to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the BWF which has been in existence 1934-2009.

The editorial team have enlisted the help of many badminton experts and put together a 160 page soft cover volume covering much history and detail of the sport.   Also included is a chapter on the history of early badminton before the IBF was formed in 1934. The volume is very well illustrated. 

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Between the covers – Graham Dixon

betweeen the coversThis book presents a completely new approach to writings on badminton and it is difficult to think of any aspect of the game that is not covered. Between the covers – what does Graham mean – simply quotes and observations from between the covers of his vast library of over 375 badminton books and publications.   Many are listed at the back of the book if anyone wants more.    A carefully chosen sequence of chapters cleverly addressed as three sets with the final set taken to a setting situation!

The first set commences with ideas that the foundations of the game go back to BC, and continues with badminton being played in Badminton House, spreading throughout the world, becoming organised and controlled with the formation of the Badminton Association in 1893. Official tournaments and matches could now be played, and so on, leagues, veterans and juniors all catered for.   In the 1940’s the inauguration of The Thomas and Uber Cups, the inclusion of badminton in the Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games, while specific European and World Badminton Championships were introduced – all are covered.

On page 93 the first set is concluded, we change ends and now consider how we are going to play. Notes on coaching are looked at, followed by notes on shuttlecocks, racquets and clothing, and finally courts from the time they were any size, and not always leading to consistent play.   The introduction of Sports and Leisure Centres changed badminton in many ways, and mention is made of the specialist facilities at the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes.

Set all, and the deciding set includes facts and figures relating to tournaments, oldest players, etc. that may be wanted for research, quiz answers and so on  This is followed by notes about club players with cartoons and the lighter side of the sport. Finally, a few notes on some of those (approximately 40) who have made such an impact on the game, players, administrators and so on.  

Setting in the final is a short list of contacts should you wish to go further.

A specialist book, soft cover with over 200 pages, well illustrated, something you can pick up and put down at your leisure.

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Badminton - An Illustrated History - SOLD OUT

Badminton bookFirst published in French, the author has now produced an English version. Publishers for both versions are Publibook, Paris. Covering many historical aspects of badminton, it brings together many published views on the development of the game in a very readable form. Early shuttlecock games are covered, moving on to early ball games using the hand, the development of bats, rackets and battledores. This leads into the early stages of the modern game in India and England and the founding of the Badminton Association. With an Association set up, and the adoption of official rules the next stage, competitions including the All England Championships quickly followed and are briefly described. The book concludes by describing the spread of the game through Europe and then the East, the setting up of the International Badminton Federation and the Badminton Association of England, leading to the introduction of the Thomas and Uber Cups and much more. The eventual inclusion of Badminton in the Olympic Games is reported.

The book has a soft cover, and includes over 140 illustrations and 154 pages, but lacks an index. Also included is a bibliography which will assist readers wishing to go deeper into the subject. Unfortunately it is difficult to relate notes on the illustrations to the actual pictures in the text, notes are listed at the back of the book, but actual pictures in the text are not numbered. the National Badminton Museum.

A very useful addition to books on badminton that should appeal to badminton enthusiasts, and be a useful addition to libraries.

This book is no longer available through the National Badminton museum, but can be purchased on the internet.


Sweet Peas, Suffragettes and Showmen - Events that changed the world in the RHS Hall -  Rene Dee - SOLD OUT


Rene DeeIt may come as a surprise to some readers that badminton is featured in this recent Royal Horticultural Society publication. Others will recall that the All England Championships were held there for 30 years, 1910 to 1939 in the Royal Horticultural Hall.

Written from the RHS point of view we have four pages of print and pictures giving details of the contracts, the first royal visitor to the Championships and the first radio coverage of the Championships - 10 minutes in 1937.
Plans to move to Harrigay Arena were due to take place in 1940, but the outbreak of war caused this to be postponed until 1947.

A quality book with 6 photographs relating to badminton, it costs £30.


Badminton Magazines

The National Badminton Museum has a good selection of past copies of Badminton Gazette, Badminton Now, and Badminton, and will be pleased to supply back copies for a charge of £5 per copy to include postage.

Discounts will be made for supplying more than one copy, which need not be the same issue. Please e-mail: