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As part of UK Coaching Week, we are announcing our plans to enhance the support for coaches who are essential to the delivery of our sport through the re-launch of the Badminton England Resource Hub & Community for Coaching Members, linked to our newly developed Coach Characteristic Model.

From August, monthly themes will drive content, resources, and discussions to support coaches to develop within and undertake their role as a coach.

The role of coaching is something Badminton England recognised as an essential part of the growth and development of badminton, with coaches delivering thousands of hours of engaging sessions every week.

Whether it be introducing young people to the sport for the first time, or reintroducing someone back to the sport, we want coaches to be better supported in the role they undertake and their development as they continue their coaching journey.

Central to our enhanced support of coaches and their development is the sharing of content, resources, session plans, and practice ideas via the re-launch of the Badminton England Resource Hub & Community for Coaching Members. This will include:

  • Monthly technical themes, breaking down key skills in areas of the court and how to develop these in players of all abilities and group sizes
  • Tactical themes that will discuss some of the common faults, issues, and questions and how to support players to overcome these themselves
  • Developing feeding skills and how to use them to provide realistic practice opportunities and to differentiate to support the development of players
  • Coaching themes exploring how coaches can provide better player experiences by coaching and engaging with the person in front of them
  • Resources and content to support coaches with undertaking the “day-to-day” role of a coach and all the things involved off court, including developing business, promotion & session management skills
  • Q&As with our National Coaching Team

More information will be shared on the Coach Characteristic Model in next month’s Coaching Newsletter.

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