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England Performance Programme announce future plans to deliver best possible talent pathway

BADMINTON England has reviewed the effectiveness of their performance programmes in order to identify the best possible player talent pathway in the future.

Following confirmation of funding from Sport England for the 2013-2017 cycle, BADMINTON England have identified improvements which enable greater flexibility in the programme to manage the fluctuation in player numbers over the next four years.

The current network of thirty seven Performance Centres (PC), which provide regular weekly training for 1,500 junior players, will continue to operate and be monitored regularly by BADMINTON England, however investment in PCs will gradually reduce over the four year cycle with the objective that they become self sustainable by 2017.

The implementation of England Performance Training (EPT) will continue with the aim of having ten established locations by the end of 2013/14, providing twice a week training for at least 100 of our most promising young players. From 2014/15 our objective is to increase the training hours in 3-4 strategically selected locations.

A newly launched initiative for 2013/14 will be the introduction of a new GB Talent Programme, with the main purpose being to identify the most talented players in the UK.  This will see players taken through a rigorous assessment process to confirm their potential for the GB World Class Performance Programme. 

The most significant change is not to continue with High Performance Centres (HPC), a decision not taken lightly, but one that will allow more cost effective ways of supporting talented players.

The England Junior Programme will continue to support a selection of the most talented players from U13 to U19 and the England Senior Programme will be closer aligned to GB and players offered the opportunity to train at the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes.

To manage the development and direction for our talent pathway we hope to announce the appointment to a new role, Head of England Performance, next month and will provide more detail of how we will take forward our plans.