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Yehlex Birmingham Badminton Bonanza 2007

The weekend of the 18th and 19th August 2007 saw the ever popular Yehlex Badminton Bonanza return to the NIA in Birmingham.
With almost 600 players taking part over the weekend in well over 1100 matches the scene was set for an exciting and competitive event, with a firm emphasis on fun. 
Players from all over the country entered the event and made their way to Birmingham to play at the home of the famous All England Open Championship; an opportunity no badminton fan would want to miss!!

Thanks for this event need to go to Birmingham City Council along with the National Indoor Arena for allowing BADMINTON England to hold this event at such a great venue.Thanks also toYehlex (UK) for their continued support with all of the Badminton Bonanzas nationwide, it is very much appreciated.
Another thank you needs to go to Action Photography for their attendance and professional work throughout the event.
Most of all thanks to all of the volunteers who helped throughout the event and made it the success it was.

Please find below the winners and runners-up from the 2007 Yehlex Birmingham Badminton Bonanza.

U13 Boys Singles Social
Adam Ward (Warwickshire)
Runner-Up: Tom Crisp (Somerset)

U13 Boys Singles League
Winner: David Thomas-Catalan (Leicestershire)
Runner-Up: Riyad Sheikh (Nottinghamshire)

U13 Girls Singles Social
Winner: Lucy Gilkes (Leicestershire)
Runner-Up: Laura Maroney (Berkshire)

U13 Girls Singles League
Winner: Jessica Pugh (Shropshire)
Runner-Up: Til'Shiloh Shaw Cole (Warwickshire)

U13 Boys Doubles League
Winners: Ben Harrison & Thomas Summers (Yorkshire)
Runners-Up: Rudy Beavis & Sean Flower (Hampshire)

U13 Girls Doubles League
Winners: Tsui-Yee Lau & Hannah Swan (Buckinghamshire)
Runners-Up: Brook Harris & Jessica Pugh (Shropshire)

U15 Boys Singles Social
Matthew Mollett (Berkshire)
Runner-Up: Sigmund Chan (Warwickshire)

U15 Boys Singles League
Callum Wright (Middlesex)
Runner-Up: Oliver Blackmore (Staffordshire)

U15 Girls Singles Social
Winner: Emily Burgwin (Leicestershire)
Runners-Up: Tammy Muddell (Shropshire)

U15 Girls Singles League
Winner: Abigail Fullerton (Worcestershire)
Runner-Up: Rachel Perkins (Devon)

U15 Boys Doubles Social
Winners: Sigmund Chan & Tom Nicklin (Warwickshire/Staffordshire)
Runners-Up: Oliver Dooley & Karl Zegaral (Leicestershire)

U15 Boys Doubles League
Winner: Daniel Farrow & Adam Stubbing (Suffolk/Norfolk)
Runners-Up: Shivan Mapara & Callum Wright (Middlesex)

U15 Girls Doubles League
Winners: Rebecca French & Julie Froud (Wiltshire/Oxfordshire)
Runners-Up: Jessica Ledermann & Rachel Perkins (Berkshire/Devon)

U17 Boys Singles Social
Winner: Carl Kennedy (Lancashire)
Runner-Up: Raqib Shaukat (Warwickshire)

U17 Boys Singles League
Winner: Jamie Pugh (Shropshire)
Runner-Up: Chris Jones (Sussex)

U17 Girls Singles Social
Winner: Kathleen Turner (Cheshire)
Runner-Up: Tahlia Balfe (Worcestershire)

U17 Boys Doubles Social
Carl Kennedy & Robert Metcalfe (Lancashire)
Runners-Up: Philip Zindovic & Vuk Zindovic (Middlesex)

U17 Boys Doubles League
Winners: Jack Ford & Jamie Pugh (Worcestershire/Shropshire)
Runners-Up: Oliver Gray & Rui Wei (Warwickshire)

U17 Girls Doubles League
Winners: Hannah Brazier & Grace Ollivent (Warwickshire)
Runners-Up: Abigail Fullerton & Simone Priest (Worcestershire/Warwickshire)

Mens Singles Social
Yen Chiang Chang (Leicestershire)
Runner-Up: Daniel Masih (Staffordshire)

Mens Singles League
Ahmed Fansa (Lincolnshire)
Runner-Up: Robert Bowater (Worcestershire)

Womens Singles Social
Winner: Liliane Viel (Warwickshire)
Runner-Up: Pei Ting Huang (Leicestershire)

Womens Singles League
Miriam Beales (Yorkshire)
Runner-Up: Louise Carter (Worcestershire)

Mens Doubles Social
Winners: Mumun Miah & Salek Mia (Warwickshire)
Runners-Up: Victor Mandag & Suryawa Murtiad (Warwickshire)

Mens Doubles League
Winners: John Holland & Michael Reid (Lincolnshire)
Runners-Up: Chin Boon Ng & Yaw Yoong Sia (Yorkshire)

Womens Doubles Social
Winners: Monica Lam & Liliane Viel (Lancashire/Warwickshire)
Runners-Up: Anne Bitton & Emma Booker (Derbyshire/Yorkshire)

Womens Doubles League
Winners: Beth Jeffs & Emily Jeffs (Buckinghamshire)
Runners-Up: Jodie Lane & Caroline Walker (Worcestershire)

Adult Mixed Doubles Social
Winners: Stephen Findlay & Louise Taitt (Gloucestershire/Middlesex)
Runners-Up: Ka Wai Li & Alice Ngai (Worcestershire)

Adult Mixed Doubles League
Winners: Darren Frisby & Gina Sawyer (Devon)
Runners-Up: Garry Bradshaw & Caroline Everitt (Lancashire)

O40 Mens Singles Social
Winner: Weizhong Liu (Warwickshire)
Runner-Up: Abdul Syed (Hertfordshire)

O40 Mens Singles League
Winner: Dave Perry (Lincolnshire)
Runner-Up: Derek Cox (Hertfordshire)

O40 Mens Doubles Social
Winners: Peter Martin & Don Page (Warwickshire/Leicestershire)
Runners-Up: Man Sau Lui & Kwong Sing Siu (Lancashire)

O40 Mens Doubles League
Winners: Adrian Cole & Kevin Sayer (Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire)
Runners-Up: Tim Moore & Steve Prince (Hertfordshire)

O40 Womens Doubles League
Winners: Paula Cranham & Kath Gorner (Lancashire)
Runners-Up: Nanett Barnard & Pauline Hogan (Warwickshire)

O40 Mixed Doubles Social
Winners: Garnet Earl & Jackie Hart (Avon/Buckinghamshire)
Runners-Up: Ray Cousins & Sara Cousins (Bedfordshire)

O40 Mixed Doubles League
Ron Welsh & Helen Hartley (Lancashire)
Runners-Up: Mark McGinchey & Ann Lewis (Cheshire)

O50 Mens Singles League
Winner: Paul Burton (Shropshire)
Runner-Up: Lawrence Ford (Warwickshire)

O50 Mens Doubles Social
Lawrence Ford & John Lee (Warwickshire)
Runners-Up: Colin Chen & Yee Chu (Warwickshire/Staffordshire)

O50 Mixed Doubles League
Peter Preston & Jean Melia (Cheshire)
Runners-Up: Lawrence Ford & Janice Clarke (Warwickshire/Worcestershire)