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26.02.10 Ramgarhia BC & West Ham United

    West Ham had their Premier league 4 Sport Launch held at Eastbury school in Barking and Dagenham on the 10th December 2009.

Creating Opportunities
18.02.10 Celebrating Premier League 4sport Success

Barclays Premier League football clubs this year have been offering thousands of young people the chance to get involved with Olympic sports including Badminton, in a groundbreaking £3.8m partnership with the Government.

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31.01.10 PL4Sport Launch - Manchester United FC

  As well as providing a launch that enabled many to fulfil a lifelong ambition of appearing on Match of the Day, although maybe not in the capacity envisaged in the dreams of their youth, the Manchester United Premier League 4 Sport scheme is playing a key role in the wider development of badminton in the City. 

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31.12.09 Alpha Badminton Club, Colne Badminton Club & Blackburn Rovers FC

The Blackburn Rovers Premier League 4 Sport project has enabled badminton to extend its reach in Lancashire and support the development of the sport in the extremities of the County.  The scheme is operating with two hub clubs –Colne Badminton Club in Pendle and Alpha Badminton Club in Rossendale – with satellites concentrated in...

Community Badminton
21.12.09 Massive increase in badminton participation

THERE has been a massive increase in the number of adults playing badminton, according to the Active People 3 survey released yesterday by Sport England. 

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30.10.09 Fords Badminton Club & Liverpool & Everton FC

Fords Badminton Club has linked up with Liverpool and Everton FC to deliver the PL4Sport programme. Having also made BADMINTON England’s Club of the Month in August, below is a short article on the organisation and set up of this fantastic and hugely popular junior badminton club.