University & College Guidance

The following section outlines the latest guidance for return to play to help you understand how and when this is possible. Our full Return to Play Guidance will be updated once the full Government Guidance has been release. Until that point we have released our Return to Play Roadmap to outline how badminton can begin to return in line with the latest information available from Government. This section also contains tools and resources to help you get back on court, supporting Universities and Colleges plan their return.

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University & College Guidance

Click here for our University guidance to support you to continue delivering badminton

Tile Discover badminton tool

Discover badminton tool

Click here to find out to find out more about and access our Discover Badminton – our all in one tool to help manage and organise your sessions and meet Covid19 requirements.

Tile Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Click here to view our risk assessment guidance pack.

Tile Reactivate COVID awareness training

Reactivate COVID awareness training

Free training to give you the knowledge and skills to return to play safely.

Tile Covid 19 officer role

Covid-19 Officer Role

Click here to view the job description for the covid-19 officer role.

Tile First aid advice statement

First aid advice & statement

Click here to view the first aid advice and statement.

Tile Badminton resource hub

Badminton resource hub

Click here to go to our badminton resource hub for further support and information on how to manage your club operations.

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