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To support the return to play we have put together some resources to help you ensure the safety of everyone in the club through having the right procedures in place and these have been communicated.

ReActivate is a COVID-Awareness training platform which has been funded by Sport England, Commissioned by CIMSPA and brought to you by Future Active Workforce.

The training is designed to give you the knowledge and confidence in returning safely to play on court, and getting back to providing a valuable service to our members and community. Easily accessible via your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile, the platform is loaded with content which will focus on COVID-19 and the best practices that you should use in your roles. You will need to watch/read all of the available resources in the modules available to you and complete some knowledge checks to gain your certificate

What happens next?

The platform uses a self-sign up process. Click one of the links below that most suitably reflects your role(s)

Upon log in you will be asked to complete some personal details and once you have done this you will be directed to your main dashboard – this is an overview of the training that is available to you and how many resources you have watched and have left to watch.

To access the ReActivate training content: Navigate to your library (button along the main top bar) and then select ‘Team ReActivate’, in here you will see multiple subcategories and within each is a range of content that you will need to watch/read before completing the knowledge check exam in each subcategory.

Once all resources have been viewed, and you have completed each of the knowledge checks, you will then be able to download your Covid-19 Certificate!

Our Covid-19 Officer role description will help you identify the right person to manage sessions ensuring everyone’s safety.

We have updated our First Aid statement to include best practices of how to deal with accidents during Covid-19.

The template risk assessment is designed to support clubs in their thinking on how they will protect themselves and keep their participants safe during sessions while managing the risk of COVID-19.

We recommend all clubs should undertake a basic risk assessment to establish what measures may need to be taken.

This communication checklist will help your preparation to return by ensuring that you are communicating effectively with your members to enable you to both share and gather information from them.

As a club, we understand that during this time you may have concerns about how you will ensure that all your members return to play or that you are still able to promote your club to new players to ensure that your session are full, follow our top tips to help you market your club effectively.

This guide outlines some additional considerations to take into account when catering for disabled players. It should be read in conjunction with the Return to Play guidance for clubs, coaches and those organising sessions and the resource for engaging vulnerable groups.

Discover Badminton

To support the management of sessions and to enable sessions to be promoted through our Activity Finder we have made available our Discover Badminton platform. Clubs and Coaches will be able to utilise the platform to manage numbers within their sessions as well as utilise the other features on the platform such as payments, teams, and competition.

Our Discover Badminton tool will help you to manage and organise your sessions, ensuring you can meet Track and Trace requirements by providing a simple booking system that can also take payments.

Utilise our guidance document to support you to use our Discover Badminton tool.

Utilise our guidance document to support you to access sessions via our Discover Badminton tool.

Utilise our guidance document to support you to access sessions via our Discover Badminton tool.

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Join the UK’s most played racket sport

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