Playing & Coaching FAQs

The following questions relate to stage three (17th Mayand only to permitted activity as outlined in the Badminton England roadmap. Further information relating to play during other stages of the roadmap will be released once further Government guidance becomes available (please see ‘General Return to Play FAQs).  


Yes, doubles are permitted against other households from step three (17th May) in line with maximum group sizes. 

Yes, you can use the full court area.

You can play singles and doubles using all areas of the court, within the respective court markings – social distancing should be maintained between adjacent courts.

Different ways of playing singles can be found in our Singles Play Guide on the Badminton England Resource Hub (free access to affiliated clubs).

A player group is one day only, you could therefore play in different groups on other days. 

You need to ensure that you remain 2 metres from everyone playing and everyone else in the hall .


Players and coaches must take all their own equipment they need for the session keeping to essential items. You should only use your own racket. You should not share equipment and should clean and wipe down your equipment before and after use. 

It is not a requirement that you wear equipment such as masks while playing Badminton. However, facilities may require you to wear a mask within certain areas of the building. You should check with venue regarding the wearing of masks before visiting. It is important to remember that the most effective way of reducing risk is to wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face. You may choose to wear sweat/wrist bands to help with this.  

Shuttles should be allocated to each group, and any player from that group can handle their shuttles only. Players should avoid using their hands to pick up shuttles from other courts; where possible – use your own racket to return them.  

We recommend for league matches when permitted, that shuttles to be changed after each match if changing opponents.  


Group coaching is permitted indoors and outdoors for all players. It must be conducted under the following guidance: 

  • Coaching can take place in groups of people from different households in line with group sizes specified above (presently 15). No limit on number of groups coached in a single day. 
  • A coach can coach on a ratio of up to 1: 15 – you do not need to sub-divide them into smaller groups. 
  • Players must stay within their allocated group during a session, but they can rotate within the group providing social distancing is maintained.  
  • You can have more than one group in a location and groups should be spread over an appropriate number of courts to allow for social distancing to be maintained. 
  • A coach (or assistant coach) is needed for each group (up to 15) if any coaching is to take place. Players cannot move between groups during a session.  

Yes – coaches are allowed to coach a household or support bubble for adults and juniors. 

Your group of 15 can play against any other player with their group. Multiple groups can play within a hall at one time should space allow. Players must stay within their allocated group during a session, but they can rotate within the group providing social distancing is maintained.

Additional coaching guidance is available on the Badminton England Resource Hub;(free access to affiliated clubs) you will also find a range of resources, tips, drills and skills at the Community Hub for Coaches (free access to Registered Coaches)Register here to access our Resource Hub or Sign in here if you already have an a Badminton England Resource Hub account.

No, as long as a Level 2 coach (or equivalent) is leading the session, the other coach(es) can be assistant coaches.

We recommend that you use a different set of shuttles in this instance where possible. If you are reusing shuttles at any time you must ensure they have been cleaned in line with Government guidance before you use them again. 

All players within the group can handle these shuttles if hand hygiene is maintained. Use different shuttles for different groups and sessions. 

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