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Playing & Coaching FAQs

Updated 09/09/20


Q: Can I play doubles?

A: Yes, you can now play doubles with members of other households providing you aren’t in an area with local restrictions. You must, however, remain in groups of 6. These groups should not change throughout the session, but you can play with different players within your group. 


Q: Can we use the forecourt?

A: Yes, you can use the full court area. 


Q: Are the doubles tramlines in play?

A: You can play singles and doubles using all areas of the court, within the respective court markings – if social distancing between adjacent courts cannot be maintained, you should only use the singles court markings.


Q: With reduced club members we are keen to do some singles. Is there a way of making it more interesting?

A: Different ways of playing singles can be found in our Singles Play Guide on the Badminton England Resource Hub (free access to affiliated clubs)  


Social distancing  

Q: Are groups of 6 fixed to a particular court for the duration of their session, or can a court be shared by different groups?

A: When playing league matches each team should be allocated one side of the court/hall and play from that side for the duration of the match, i.e., teams pick an ‘end’ and there is no changing of end between games/sets/ rubbers.

  • Match/league organisers may want to introduce a ruling to direct how sides are allocated, such as ‘away team chooses end’.
  • Players from different groups should not share the same side of the net at the same time, even during warm-ups. It may be necessary to warm-up with the opposition, unless you can allocate different courts or times to warm-up.


If running a casual club session, each group should be allocated to a court and groups should not change court throughout the session. If your running a match play club night, you should follow above guidance around league matches.


Q: How does a playing groups work across different number of courts

A: Under the current guidelines, you can have a group of up to six on each court and its surrounding run-off area or allocated one side of the court if playing a league match. The option you choose will be determined by the extent to which you can maintain social distancing for those players not on court. If you cannot ensure this, you will need to reduce the number of people in the venue.

Diagram 1: General group play

Diagram 2: League match play


Q: Should we only use alternative courts?

A: There is no need to leave a gap between courts in use, and all courts can be used subject to social distancing being maintained at all times. However, you should take a safety first approach, and make an assessment based on your own club environment. With the 2 metre social distancing regulation if this cannot be maintained using consecutive courts then alternative courts should be used.


Q: In a group v group match, is the forecourt still in play, or is that now out of bounds to maintain social distancing between bubbles?

A: Please visit ‘Playing Badminton’ section in the Club & Competition guidance


Q: How long does a group last for (i.e. can a player play in one group on Monday and then a different group on a Tuesday) – important for clubs with multiple teams in a league (e.g. Mens and Mixed).

A: A player group is one day only, you could therefore play in different groups on other days.


Q: After I’ve finished a game, can I/we play someone on another court?

A: If running a casual club session, each group should be allocated to a court and groups should not change court throughout the session. If your running a match play club night, you should follow above guidance around league matches


Q: What do I do whilst off court?

A: You need to ensure that you remain 2 metres from everyone playing and everyone else in the hall



Q: Can I share equipment?

A: No, there should be no sharing of equipment such as rackets, nets, posts. If you do touch shared equipment, e.g., you have to put up or take down nets, you should wash your hands immediately.

Q: Should I wear PPE?

A: It is not a requirement that you wear equipment such as masks while playing Badminton. However, facilities may require you to wear a mask within certain areas of the building. You should check with venue regarding the wearing of masks before visiting. It is important to remember that the most effective way of reducing risk is to wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face. You may choose to wear sweat/wrist bands to help with this.



Q: Can I pick up shuttles?

A: Shuttles should be allocated to a group of players in line with how you are organising the session in the hall. Players within that group can share shuttles but should adhere to strict hygiene rules and should not handle any shuttles allocated to other groups.  Players should avoid using their hands to pick up shuttles from other courts; where possible - use your own racket to return them.


Q Currently shuttles can be handled by anyone within your group . If you are playing against another group does each group have to have their own shuttles? Can you handle shuttles from another group?

A:Shuttles should be allocated to a group of players in line with how you are organising the session in the hall. Players within that group can share shuttles but should adhere to strict hygiene rules and should not handle any shuttles allocated to other groups. Players should avoid using their hands to pick up shuttles from other courts; where possible - use your own racket to return them. 

We recommend for league matches, that shuttles to be changed after each match if changing opponents



Q: What coaching is allowed?

A: Coaching can take place in groups of up to 15 people (plus a coach) only. Numbers are determined by the ability to maintain social distancing (2 metres) at ALL times and may need to be reduced accordingly to accommodate this. Coaching sessions should not exceed a total of 30 including the coaches.


Q Now that a coach can deliver a session for up to 15 players, do these players have to remain in groups of up to 6 per court?

A: Yes, coaches should group players into smaller groups up to a maximum of 6 but can coach all of these smaller groups as long as social distancing is maintained between all players.


Q: How can I make my sessions more viable?

A: To help make sessions viable for coaches and clubs, it is permissible for a coach to work with one group of players and have further groups in the hall – these additional groups can only play badminton and cannot be coached unless additional coaches are present. 


Q: How can I organise players in the hall to achieve this?

A: Examples can be found at the Community Hub for Coaches (free access to Registered Coaches) 


Q: Where can I go for help with coaching sessions?

A: Additional coaching guidance is available on the Badminton England Resource Hub;(free access to affiliated clubs) you will also find a range of resources, tips, drills and skills at the Community Hub for Coaches (free access to Registered Coaches)


Q: Does each coach in the session have to be Level 2 qualified or equivalent?

A: No, as long as a Level 2 coach (or equivalent) is leading the session, the other coach(es) can be assistant coaches


Q: As a coach, there are some activities or drills where I could get more than two people onto a court. Is this acceptable?

A: Where coaches are able to maintain social distancing and do not exceed the group size, you can use your discretion to increase the number of players on court, e.g., where players are static in a drill.


Q: Should I keep players from the same household in the same group for coaching sessions?

A: This will depend on the age and ability of the players. As there is more flexibility in terms of social distance for players from the same household, this may, however, offer you greater scope in planning and running your session to get more players on court.


Q: If I coach one session and then another straight afterwards, do I need a new set of shuttles?

A: We recommend that you use a different set of shuttles in this instance where possible. If you are reusing shuttles at any time you must ensure they have been cleaned in line with Government guidance before you use them again.


Q: If I am multi-feeding who clears up the shuttles?

A: All players within the group can handle these shuttles if hand hygiene is maintained. Use different shuttles for different groups and sessions.