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Membership FAQs

Updated 27/10/20


Q: What are the membership prices for 2020/21? 


Q: Why have you decided to go for a full price option and a discount option for clubs and club members?  

A: We are aware that with the coronavirus pandemic a number of our clubs and members have suffered financial hardship and lost time on court. For that reason we wanted to offer an opportunity for those that wanted to continue supporting the sport can do at a reduced rate and others are able to support at the full price. 

Q: Why are coach and individual direct members not receiving a discount?  

A: Based on feedback from our coaches and direct members many of them didn’t expect a reduction and were happy to pay into their membership when it expired throughout the year. However based on time lost we wanted to offer the option for anyone on a 12 month direct membership with us we would give them the opportunity to extend their membership by 3 months if they would like to opt in.  

Q: My club and club members would like to take advantage of the 25% reduction, how do I do this?  

A: Yes, certainly! This process will take place within Go Membership when purchasing your club affiliation and renewing your members. To complete this in the system then please login and please click here to follow our How To Guide.   

Q: A proportion of my club’s members wish to take the reduction, but some don’t, is this possible? 

A: Yes, whichever option (Discount or Donate) is selected in the Club Profile at the time of purchase will be applied at the checkout. For example you may purchase several memberships at a discounted rate and can then tick the donate option in the Club Profile and repeat the process for anyone wishing to donate 

Q: What about compete memberships? 

A: If your club has opted for the 25% discount, then this will be applied to your compete membership when you renew this directly.  

Q: What is the deadline for taking advantage of the discount offered? 

A: Clubs will need to pay for their affiliation and members no later than Thursday 31st December to receive the discount. 

Q: What is the 2020/21 membership season dates for clubs and club members? 

A: The season will run from 1st November to 31st October 2021.  

Q: Is my club’s and club members insurance still valid? 

 A: We have put in place an insurance extension until 31st December 2020, for clubs that were affiliated and club players that were members in the 2019/20 season. 

Club affiliation and club player memberships will still expire on 31st October. We encourage those that are back on court and able to support Badminton Bouncing Back through their membership, to reaffiliate for the 2020/21 season as soon as they are able to. We understand with the current pandemic and the existing restrictions it may take clubs time to get members back and we want to ensure while they’re collecting their membership monies we are still supporting them with insurance.  

Q: Will I need to pay a county fee?  

A: If you have a junior player, club player, compete player or coach compete membership then a county fee will be applied to your membership.  

Q: How much is my county fee for 2020/21? 

A: We Have been working closely with all counties to determine their fees for this season. Your county fee will be added to the basket when processing the club players memberships. 

Please click here to download a full list of fees per county. 

Q: I have another question that hasn’t been answered. What do I do?  

A: We will be more than happy to help. Please contact us by filling out the following form here with your query. 

Q: How do I renew my DBS before I can purchase next season’s coaching license? 

A: You should normally receive an email if the DBS if up for renewal but you can also start the process by going to renew and clicking on the DBS link that will come up. Alternatively you can contact for more help. Once this is complete you should be able to renew the coach license. 

Q: What will happen to my auto renewal if I opt for an extension? 

A: This will be automatically updated to the expiry date of your membership once a 3 month extension has been added.