Local Lockdown Faqs

Q: How can I find out what tier I am in?  

A: Full list of local COVID alert levels by area can be found here  

Q: What badminton is possible indoors?  

A: This depends on the area’s coronavirus alert level. 

In medium (Tier 1) areas, adult badminton can take place following the ‘rule of six’. More than one group of six can participate within the indoor setting, however, must not mix before, during or after the activity.  

Follow guidance published 10th September   

There are exemptions to this: under-18s, disabled people and, if for educational purposes, over-18s, can play under Tier 1 guidance  

In high/very high (Tier 2/3) areas, guidance under this tier is subject to change, depending on local and national government agreements 

Adults from the same household or support bubble can take part in badminton  

There are exemptions to this: under-18s, disabled people and, if for educational purposes, over-18s, can play under Tier 1 guidance  



Q: Can you travel from Tier 2 area to play in Tier 1 area?  

A: Yes, DCMS has confirmed that you can travel from Tier 2 area to a Tier 1 area to play (forming groups of up to 6), although you are asked to minimise your journeys – clubs in Tier 1 need to follow our current guidance which was published on 10th September  

Q: What are the travel restrictions around Tier 3? 

A: You are advised not to travel into or out of areas that have a very high alert level, including for sport, unless this is necessary to enable individual exercise (or exercise for people from the same household or support bubble). This does not apply to travel where it is necessary to enable disability sport, sport for educational purposes, or supervised sport and physical activity for under-18s to take place. 

Q: How does this affect school/college/university sport? 

A: Most sport in educational settings will be covered by the exemption for supervised activities for children (i.e. under-18s), and so can take place in groups larger than six. 

This includes pupils over the age of 18, where the sport is for the purpose of education, such as curriculum sport or playing for school/college/university teams, but does not include all activity on the educational site. 

This means the limit on numbers for indoor team sport doesn’t apply, even if the pupils are over 18, or playing alongside under-18s, provided the sport is for the purpose of education. 

This applies to all coronavirus alert levels.  

Q: What can coaches deliver across each tier?  

A: Tier 1 – In line with our guidance published on 10th September, coaching can take place in groups of up to 15 people (plus a coach) only, ensuring players are split into groups of 6 in line with our guidance. Numbers are determined by the ability to maintain social distancing (2 metres) at ALL times and may need to be reduced accordingly to accommodate this. Coaching sessions should not exceed a total of 30 including the coaches. 

Tier 2/3 – Coaching for adults is 1:1, unless players are from the same household. In this case you can coach a maximum of five players. Coaches can deliver back to back 1:1 sessions 

Junior (under 18’s) and disability coaching is still 1:15, ensuring groups of up to 6 in line with our guidance published on 10th September 

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