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Badminton Session FAQs

Updated 05/10/20


Safe sessions 

Q: Why do I need a Covid-19 officer? 

A: We are requiring this to ensure that you can play safely by having someone responsible for maintaining social distancing between players in the session and controlling the movement of players 

Q: We are a group of friends who play at our local centre. Do we still need a Covid-19 Officer? 

A: Any group session of 6 and above, will require a Covid-19 Officer. 

Q: Is there training available to help me understand Covid-19 related safety, hygiene and social distancing? 

A: Reactivate training is now available here

Q: How do I complete a risk assessment? 

A: A template is available on our website 

Q: As a club is it our responsibility to provide products to limit the risk of Covid-19? 

A: We would advise all clubs to make hand sanitisers or wipes available for use at entrance/exit to venue/courts where possible. You should also check with the venue on its level of provision 

Q: Many clubs use pegboards or ladder boards to manage their sessions. Can I use this? 

A: If you use this method, you must have one for each group of players or the session Covid-19 Officer must be able to manage a pegboard for each group. Only the Covid-19 Officer is able to touch and move the pegboard. 

Q: What happens if a player isn’t following the guidelines? 

A: You should ensure players understand the guidelines before playing and reinforce this at the start of the session. If someone isn’t following them, you should remind them; if they continue to ignore the guidelines you should treat them in the same way as you would anyone not following the instructions for your session. 


Organising sessions 

Q: How can I manage the pre-booking onto sessions for my players and members? 

A: Badminton England has made a free system available to affiliated clubs and registered coaches to help you manage pre-booking – Discover Badminton. This system also enables you to organise players into groups and retain their details to meet the requirements of NHS Test and Trace. To access the Discover Badminton Platform please complete our contact form selecting Discover Badminton from the options. We have also developed guidance on how to use the system. You can take payment through this system as well but you should be aware that transactions fees do apply (as they do for any online payment system) 

Q: What do I need to tell my members now and before sessions? 

A: Advice on communicating with your members and players can be found through our Communications Checklist Guide. 



Q: Why are spectators not allowed for adult badminton? 

A: This is to help ensure social distancing can be maintained and to maximise the number of people playing. 

Q: My child is playing. Can I stay and watch? 

A: Yes, one parent or guardian can stay. You must, however, maintain social distancing and follow any instructions from the venue. 

Q: Where do I drop my child off and pick them up from a session? 

A:  You will need to find out how the venue is treating this before turning up for your session. You should agree with the club/coach how this will operate 

Q: What should I do if someone displays symptoms of Covid-19? 

A: If you are symptomatic or living in a household with someone else who has a possible or confirmed COVID-19 infection you should remain at home. Should someone fall ill during a session, you can find advice on this in the risk assessment 

Q: What should I do if someone needs First Aid? 

A: Advice on this is available in the risk assessment 

Q: We have players with a disability. Should we make additional changes to cater for them? 

A: Advice on catering for disabled players can be found in our Disability Considerations Guide 


NHS Test and Trace

From the 24th September, it has become a legal requirement in England to show an NHS QR code at the entrance to a facility.

All badminton clubs, players and coaches should now scan in upon arrival at their venue and all badminton specific facilities must register.

Full details below:

NHS Test and Trace

  • It is a legal requirement in England to show an NHS QR code at the entrance to a facility, from Thursday (24th September), and encouraged in Wales (in England linked to Test and Trace, in Wales to Test, Trace and Protect).
  • The QR code is available to create and download here and needs to be shown at the front/reception of your facilities.

Test and Trace FAQs

Q: If I’m hiring an area of a facility for a class (e.g. swimming pool/classes) within a gym – do I need a QR code for that, or is the facility one ok?

A:  The facility needs the QR code, not the specific activity.

Q: If I’m running a class in a community hall - is it the venue's responsibility to display a QR code?

A:Responsibility for displaying an NHS QR code poster lies with the operator of the venue. Local authority run services, including community centres, are required by the guidance to maintain a record of visitors and have an official NHS QR poster.

Q: What should I do if I'm delivering a session at a venue that isn't displaying a QR code?

A:Ensure you provide a separate customer log/ collect customer details, so that contact tracers can get in touch with people if required. Notify the venue operator if possible.