Outdoor Badminton Guidance Faqs

Updated 30/06/2020

What is the current guidance on playing badminton outdoors? 

 You are able to meet in groups of up to six people from different households outside to play badminton – this includes outdoor sports courts and facilities and private gardens.  

  • Outdoor badminton sessions can now cater for up to six people so long as social distancing guidelines are observed  
  • Sessions can take place in outdoor facilities such as a park or private gardens as long as space permits  
  • More than one court can be set up provided social distancing guidelines can be met – there cannot be more than six players on those courts  
  • Singles remains the recommended format for playing. Doubles can be played if both players in a pair are from the same household  
  • The forecourt should not be in play if playing with a member of another household 
  • Equipment should not be shared  
  • Outdoor coaching sessions can now expand to cater for five players (the sixth person in the group being the coach). Players can be from different households provided social distancing guidelines are observed .
  • 1-1 coaching for young people under the age of 18 can take place in line with usual safeguarding guidance – the parent or guardian should be in attendance  

Q: Does social distancing still apply when playing sport/badminton outside? 

A: Yes, if playing with anyone from outside your household.

Q: Why is the forecourt not in play? 

A: When you consider a singles game, the only time players will be within two metres of one another is when they are both in the forecourt. To ensure social distancing is maintained during a game this possibility must be removed which can be achieved by eliminating the forecourt from play. If all players on court are from the same household then you can use the forecourt. 

Q: How do we mange this on an unmarked court? 

A: If your outdoor playing area/court does not have service lines the easiest way to ensure you are maintaining social distancing is to take one large step out (greater than 1m) from the net on both sides of the court and place a marker. Players should not enter this area during gameplay and any shuttle landing in this area should be called out.  

Q: Why can I not play doubles with people from outside my household? 

A: On a standard sized court, it is highly unlikely players will be able to comply with social distancing restrictions throughout the game.  

Q: As a group of six people, are we limited to playing on one court?

A: Noyou can use multiple courts provided you have sufficient spaceThere must be a minimum of a two-metre run off area between courts  

Q: If we are using multiple courts can we have more than six people playing with us? 

A: No. The maximum gathering size is six people. Even when following social distancing this cannot be exceededIf another group want to play on adjacent courts then they can (provided there is adequate space between the courts) however you can only play against members of your own group. 

Q: Can our club run outdoor badminton sessions? 

A: Yes. 

Q: Are we limited on numbers attending the session? 

A: Yes. The current limit of group gatherings is six people, who are permitted to interact and play badminton together provided they observe social distancing. When running an outdoor badminton session the easiest way to manage this is to have a maximum of six people assigned to a court. You should only have two people on court at once (singles format) with the others resting off court in a designated area where social distancing can be maintained.  

Q: Can we run a session on multiple courts? 

A: Yes, provided there is sufficient space between the courts. If courts are pre marked you may need to remove the tram lines from play to increase the run off area. Players cannot move between courts, they are only permitted to play against those assigned to the same court as they are. When organising a session we recommend staggering arrival and departure times to ensure players only interact with those assigned to the same court.   

Q: Can we have a coach? 

A: Yes. Coaches can still deliver group sessions however they count as one of the group, e.g., if the group size is six, that equates to one coach and five players. The coach cannot move between courts within a session. If you wanted to offer coaching to all your players you would need to assign one coach per group. Coaches are however permitted to coach another group immediately after the session has ended. If you only have one coach at the club you could have one court operating at once for a set time period again staggering arrival and departure times of players. 

Q: Can we play doubles as we are club players? 

A: No. The same guidance applies no matter what type of session is being run. Doubles can only be played if both players in the pair are from the same household. 

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