Your Club Membership For 20/21

As the summer break comes to an end, your mindare no doubt starting to think about picking up your racket bag again and getting back on courtparticularly after such a long period of lockdown. 

On behalf of you, our members, we successfully negotiated with Government, the return to grass roots badminton, but as we see some clubs and players returning to play, we cannot hide from the significant challenges the badminton community, like many sportsis facing at this time. 

As a not for profit organisation, where every penny generated by Badminton England is invested back into badminton, Covid-19 has hit Badminton England hard – our income will reduce by £1m this year alone, meaning, currently, we are not able to invest as much back into badminton as we usually would. We also know that for many County Associations, clubs and coaches, you will have been impacted hard also; some of you will not be able to return to court for some time because your usual facilities are not available. 

But we firmly believe that as we emerge from the pandemic, we can be stronger together, but we need you to help us get #BadmintonBouncingBack. Your support, over so many years, has played an important role in the development of our fantastic sport, but we need you, together, more than ever before. 

Stronger together 

What we’ve done to help: 

  • Frozen membership prices for the 2020/21 season 
  • Provided a further 25% reduction in price in recognition of the lost playing time caused by lockdown
  • Provided time to pay – we’ve recognised that some clubs and members may need a little more time to collect membership from players this year and so we’ve extended the payment date from 1 November 2020 to 1 January 2021 to help 
  • Worked with Government to secure the approval for our Return to Play guidance  
  • Hosted a series of webinars to familiarise the badminton community with the Return to Play guidance 
  • Provided several tools and training resources, free of charge, to help the badminton community return to play in a Covid secure way 
  • Successfully lobbied government to get indoor sports facilities open and to allow full court singles and doubles to be played 
  • Initiated several high-profile campaigns, including representation to the Prime Minister, seeking Government intervention to open more courts  
  • Launched a Hardship fund of £100,000 to provide some much need financial support to get back on court 


Here’s how you can help: 

  • Our membership renewals are now open, we recognise your club may be struggling financially too. If that’s the case, as you have seen, we have not only frozen membership prices from last season but reduced them by a further 25%.
  • However, if you can, we ask that you ‘donate back’ the 25% further reduction to help badminton bounce back. If every club, and their members were to ‘donate back’ it would generate more than £100,000, and you can be assured that every single penny of that will be invested back into badminton to support the sport in this country during these difficult times.

Whatever option you decide, the renewal process will be simple. Furthermore, there will be no difference to the benefits that our clubs and members enjoy. 

Click here to start your renewal process for your club and members. Please review our new membership system guide to help you along the way.

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Join the UK’s most

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