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Facility Support & Feedback

Whilst we are delighted that we are able to celebrate being another step closer to being back to badminton as we know it with full court singles and doubles now allowed, we know that there are still challenges that remain to getting all our clubs and players back on court, none more so than finding places to play. 

We are currently doing all we can to support more sites to safely and appropriately open as soon as possible. This includes: 

  • Working with Government, including the Department for Education, to support and lobby for the safe and efficient opening of facilities 
  • Working with Sport England, ukactive and Community Leisure UK to consult commercial leisure operator partners to better understand when facilities will reopen and how we can support the opening of facilities 
  • Leveraging our partnerships with school facility providers to try and open doors to new and alternative venues on either an interim or permanent basis  
  • Working to update our activity finder to be able to quickly and easily notify the badminton community of facilities that are open to help find alternative venues where required 

Your feedback on the local situation in regards your facility is extremely valuable as it helps us understand the national picture and prioritise our lobbying and support where it is needed most.  

To capture this, we ask that you complete our Return to Play – Venue Feedback form. In addition to hearing about the facility challenges you may be facing, we are also keen to hear about facilities that you know are open and taking court bookings so that we can share this with the wider badminton community 

The national picture is very varied – this means information can be patchy in some areas, but where we have a greater understanding of the local situation, we are able to use that to get more activity started: 

  • Freedom Leisure has opened some of its sites in Sussex, so we’ve been able to support coaches to get on court and begin working with young players again 
  • Many of our national operator partners are working with their local authorities to get their sports halls opened as soon as possible and will share confirmed dates with us once they are available 
  • Kent County Council has written to clubs using school sites to confirm there will be no hiring of school sports halls till January 2021. We are lobbying, with the support of partners such as Sport England, with the Department for Education to identify ways of opening school facilities for community use. 

Any information we have on facilities will be shared via our activity finder from the beginning of August 

In the meantime, If you are currently looking for an alternative venue, either short or long term, we are happy to help but please be aware this will not be possible in all areas due to local capacity & situations. If you wish to explore this further please use the Return to Play – Venue Feedback Form which allows you to identify the facility access you are looking for. Once received we will be in touch if we are able to help.