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Rally Behind Badminton

Invite more people on court

Are you looking for new members or want to encourage old members back onto court? Then rally behind badminton and help your sport grow.

Badminton England is launching their latest campaign to get more people onto court by asking members to invite their friends onto court, and there is a great opportunity to use this to increase your own membership.

The cost of running your club is ever rising and we are seeing more clubs struggling to stay open due to this, increasing your membership is one of the best ways to sustain your club.

There are many ways to increase your membership such as:

  • Hold a monthly open night and invite non-members to attend.
  • Contact members that have stopped coming to see if they would be interested in returning.
  • Run an Essentials course for beginners.
  • Run some target specific sessions e.g. Female only or Family fun.
  •  Advertise in some new places such as the local school newsletter or community magazine.
  • Create your own website or social media page ensuring that all information is current.
  • Create a new member offer that incentivises them to join the club.

For more great information about how to attract new members as well as retain existing members visit: and visit our club development pages.