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First Aid

First Aid

Clubs have a responsibility to ensure that access to first aid is provided at all coaching, competition and club sessions.

If your club sessions take place at a school venue then it is particularly important to have a first aider at your club - it may be less likely that there is an external qualified first aider available.

It is recommended that you provide a statement on your club’s first aid provision, and also that you have emergency procedures for dealing with serious injuries/accidents. This includes ensuring contact through telephone/radio is available to call the emergency services.

Feel free to use our ready-made templates here. Scroll down to numbers 7 and 8 for First Aid and Emergency Guidelines.

First Aid courses

County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) usually run regular First Aid courses which are suitable for club coaches and officers. Find your local CSP here.

Further suggestions

In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts – encourage your members to have an ICE contact in their mobile phones. Mobile apps are available for this -

First Aid apps – Free mobile phone apps from both British Red Cross and St. John Ambulance are available to provide instant information at times of emergency. Resuscitation Council (UK) also offer a free CPR app called Lifesaver

Defibrillatorsread the Resuscitation Council (UK)’s guidance on the use of defibrillators. Apply for funding for a public access defibrillator and CPR kit from British Heart Foundation.