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Facilities Investment

Capital Investment

At Badminton England we know how important the right facilities are to our clubs, members and the general badminton playing public.

Squeezing 880,000+ adults onto court each month requires capital investment to ensure players continue to have an enjoyable experience when they step onto court.

This page offers advice on grant applications, design guidance and facility development to everyone involved in the planning, construction or management of badminton facilities.

National Facilities Strategy

To guide our future investment over the next few years, Badminton England has developed a National Facilities Strategy, a copy of which can be accessed by clicking here.

Design Guidance

Need design guidance on halls suitable for playing badminton?

For help with designing halls to provide the best possible playing conditions for badminton, please click on this link.

new court arena facilities

Worcester University received £200,000 towards the construction of a new multi-sport arena offering up to 12 courts to Worcester PC for 20 years.


Standing Out From The Crowd - How to write a successful grant application

There are many thousands of voluntary organisations competing for funds. In an increasingly competitive field you will have to work harder to stand out from the crowd. There's no magical secret to writing a successful grant application, but there are some things that you can do to improve your chances of getting funding.

Read some of our top tips here.

Sources of Capital Funding

Badminton England has a small amount of capital funding which is available to capital projects which will directly contribute to achieving our key objective of increasing the number of people playing badminton at least once a week.

For more details please read our guidance notes available here.

There is very little funding available for sport at the moment, but you can read our guide to the best places to look here.

Previous Capital Investments

If you’re searching for inspiration, why not take a look at our gallery of projects that have received Capital Investment from Badminton England previously.

New courts facilities

Thornaby Pavilion has a new floor and spectator seating in its 8 court hall thanks to a grant of £48,000. In return Teesside PC will have access for training and tournaments for 10 years.

Taraflex from Gerflor is the official sports flooring for Badminton England. With over 50 years experience at international as well as local sport events, Taraflex is the most popular indoor sports flooring in the world. For more details see this

For details of the Sports Facilities Group that Badminton England work in association with see

For information from Club Matters on club facilities, please click here.