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Setting up a new club

Setting up your own badminton club and helping it grow and develop can be a really rewarding experience! The following information will help you to get started. Have a look at our Club Affiliation page to see how your members can benefit from being a Badminton England affiliated club.

The basics – all clubs should consider:

  • The Constitution: The constitution is a set of rules that set out how the club is governed and how it will be run. This will include information about the officers required to run the club, including when and how they will be elected. The club should be accessible to everyone and so it is important that the right culture is promoted. The club’s policies, practices and ethos should encourage all members to adopt an inclusive and child-friendly approach to badminton. 
  • The Finances: You will need to set your club fees to cover your running costs. The club fee should include any affiliation fees that you will need to pay and will probably be less for junior members. You may want to offer a variety of payment options to meet different players’ needs. You will need to set up a club bank account, where fees can be paid in and bills can be paid out of! Your treasurer will manage the finances but it is important that the club accounts are available to club members. It is advisable for a minimum of two committee members to be assigned as signatories for the account. 
  • Members: It is important to have a method of recording member’s details and these should be secured securely and confidentially. You might consider producing a ‘welcome pack’ for new members; this could include useful information about the club, for example training times, membership forms, competition programme, useful contacts. For junior members this will include parental consent forms and emergency contact details. 
  • Affiliation: Affiliate your club to Badminton England to receive some great benefits including insurance cover for all your members.

Helpful templates for the above areas can be found here.

Your Local area

You may already know of other established clubs and leagues in your area. You can of course organise your own internal club leagues, ladders and competitions. However, in most areas there are also inter-club leagues and competitions where you can play against other teams and individuals. You can find other clubs using our Club Finder tool. A quick Internet search will often show any local leagues near to you, but if you need any help then just contact your Partnerships Manager.

Still not sure? For more general information on things to consider before starting a club visit the Club Matters website