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Badminton England Resource Hub

Badminton England Resource Hub (Hosted by HIVE Learning)

The Badminton England Resource Hub has been designed to create an interactive community to support our affiliated clubs and members to grow and develop badminton.

Through the resource hub you will have access to our Badminton Toolbox which hosts a range of resources to support badminton delivery including:

  • Club toolbox
  • Supporting volunteers
  • No Strings and Essentials
  • Disability badminton

You will find helpful introductions and guides on how to use the Badminton Resource once you are logged in.

Through the Resource Hub you will be able to engage with others from within the badminton community enabling you to post questions, share insights or feedback with the community and start discussions with other members.

We will continue to add and build to the content that is on the Resource Hub providing a ever growing resource to our network.


Accessing the Resource Hub

To access the Resource Hub, you will need to register your interest to gain your passkey which will enable you to complete activation on Hive Learning.

To register please complete our short online form here.

Once you have the passkey you will be able to access the Resource Hub via:


If you have any questions about the Badminton England Resource Hub, please contact the development team