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The Racket Pack Online Resource

What is the online resource?

Working in partnership with Hive Learning we have developed the Badminton England Resource hub. This is an online platform that enables us to host our resources digitally allowing the user to interact with the content easily from a desktop or mobile device. By providing the information in this way Teachers and Coaches can interact with the content along with each other building a community to develop their knowledge within.

The Online Resource for The Racket Pack provides you with access to:

  • Lesson plans: 6 lessons per module and 6 modules in total covering both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2
  • Technical videos: We have developed videos for both Teachers and Coaches development as well as videos that can be shown in lesson to help children learn the skill
  • Ability to build your own sessions by choosing between the various warm ups, skills and games.

To ensure consistency and effective progression through the age groups each module within The Racket Pack will cover the following key skills:

  • Grips
  • Movement
  • Forehand and Backhand Serving (Key Stage 1 = Backhand only)
  • Underarm
  • Overhead

We have also developed a set format to the resource so that every 30 minute lesson is broken down into:

  • Warm up: Fun activity incorporating badminton skills
  • Skill based activity: Development of identified skills through fun practices
  • Embedding the skill: Incorporating the skill into a practical game

Access to The Racket Pack online resource costs just £25 for schools and can be purchased by contacting the

Coaches will recieve access to the online resource as part of their E-learning workshop.