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The Racket Pack Awards

To support The Racket Pack programme we have developed The Racket Pack Awards scheme to enable the children to monitor their progress and celebrate their success. By completing the Award scheme it will also support children to move between their school setting and a community setting ensuring that coaches know what level they are working at.

To enable schools to complete the award within lessons we have ensured that all the criteria relates to what is being delivered through the lesson plans. The Award Scheme therefore covers the same five key skills:

    Passport tink
  • Grips 
  • Movement
  • Forehand and Backhand Serving
  • Underarm
  • Overhead

The Award scheme contains 4 levels and within each level are 3 stages. We have designed it this way to enable the children to feel success early on through initial quick progression.

Each level is identified by a character and these represent an age group along with a club focused level:

  • Smash: 5-7 years old (Key Stage 1)
  • Tink : 7-9 years old (Key Stage 2, Yr 3&4)
  • Flo: 9-11 years old (Key Stage 2, Yr 5&6)
  • Wise: Club level

Tink certificate

Teachers and Coaches will have their own assessment chart that can be used in lessons and these are available within the online resource. Children will be provided with a passport in order to track their progress.

On completion of each stage children will receive a certificate and once they have completed the whole level they will receive a character pin badge and certificate welcoming them to the pack.

The Racket Pack award scheme costs £40 for each level or all 3 school based levels for £100. They can be purchased by contacting