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Delivering The Racket Pack

The Racket Pack has been designed to enable delivery to take place bothTRP delivering within the school setting and outside  within the community.

We have worked closely with the Association for PE to ensure each module meets the requirements of the national curriculum. Whilst the programme is badminton focused each module covers the essential fundamental skill development as outlined in the curriculum. Therefore The Racket Pack can be delivered both within a curriculum lessons as well as an extracurricular club.

To meet the development needs of the children we have written two modules for each of the specified age groups which are:

  • age 5-7 (Key Stage 1)
  • age 7-9 (Key Stage 2, yr 3&4)
  • age 9-11 (Key Stage 2, yr 5&6)

When delivering in schools the programme can be split into:

  • 6 week module of learning for curriculum delivery
  • 6 week module of learning for extension or extracurricular delivery

Schools will be able to choose how they wish The Racket Pack to be delivered in their school. The options are:

  • Coach Mentor and Teacher delivery: Identified teacher will work alongside a coach to gain badminton knowledge whilst delivering the programme
  • Teacher delivery: An identified teacher will attend a ½ day Teachers practical workshop that will provide all the technical knowledge required to deliver the programme.
  • Coach delivery: An approved qualified coach will come in and deliver for an agreed period.

For more information on how best to deliver The Racket Pack in your school, please contact