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Get Kitted Out for Racket Pack

The Racket Pack Kitbag

Bring your Racket Pack session to life by using the genuine, approved Racket Pack kit and equipment that is designed to bring our the best in the little people playing.

Created in discussion with primary school PE advisors, the kitbag offers over 140 pieces of child-friendly equipment - each suitable to the size of the player - to enhance the on court experience and offer a fully inclusive experience, regardless of age or skill level.

TRP kitbag

The kitbag includes:

  • 20 mini, lightweight rackets in a range of funky colours
  • 30 plastic shuttles
  • Racket Pack branded net and posts
  • 24 fluff balls
  • 24 success balls
  • 5 giant shuttles
  • 10 GetNets
  • Black waterproof, wheeled carrycase

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UPGRADE : Racket Pack Awards Scheme

UPGRADE : Racket Pack Awards Scheme

Add an Award Pack, containing passports, certificates and award badges to your order from as little as £40
Go extra funky!

Go extra funky!

Our mini rackets grow in size as players progress with the Racket Pack. Add more to your kitbag from £4.99 each.