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Secondary School Resource

What is SmashUp?

We have recently updated our SmashUp! programme to include our more formal technical resource providing a range of tools to deliver badminton to 12-16 year olds.

The online SmashUp! Secondary resource includes the following:

Techincal Guidance

Providing guidance on badminton specific movement and technique, game-based practices, scoring and officiating.

KS3 & KS4 Lesson Plans

Each module contains twelve structured 40-minute lessons with progression and games based practices.

SmashUp Games Cards

22 games designed to create a fun and informal environment for young people to play both within curriculum and extra-curricular.

GCSE/BTEC resource cards

Resource cards to support learning of other factors affecting performance including nutrition, psychology, lifestyle.

Secondary teacher Workshop

Practical course designed to increase the confidence of those delivering badminton to 11-18 year olds both in curriculum and extracurricular…