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Keeping your sessions fresh

Keep your sessions fresh

We hope you picked up lots of ideas from our Activators but here are some extra tips to keep your sessions engaging:

  1. Your choice of music may not be their choice of music so let them pick the playlist or check out Spotify and search Racketheads.
  2.  Let them play in what they want; they are more likely to join in if they feel comfortable.
  3. There are loads of games to pick from so let them choose which ones they want to play.
  4. If you have Young Leaders why not let them lead the session, SmashUp! is a great opportunity for them to practice their leadership skills.
  5. It’s not about ability, so encourage everyone to get involved; some challenges don’t even involve a racket!

We will be sending you out our latest posters in the New Year in order to help promote your sessions again.