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How can Clubs & Coaches deliver The Racket Pack?

The Racket Pack - our brand new primary school aged programme - has been designed to enable delivery can take place both within our network of brilliant affilated clubs and within the school setting.

The programme is badminton focused, with each module covering the essential fundamental skills and movement development required at this age.

To meet the development needs of the children, two modules for each of the specified age groups have been created:

  • age 5-7 (Key Stage 1)
  • age 7-9 (Key Stage 2, yr 3&4)
  • age 9-11 (Key Stage 2, yr 5&6)

Clubs and coaches can either follow the pre-designed modules or alternatively apply their own learnings and build their own session plans using the individual programme elements within the online resource.

Clubs and Coaches will have the opportunity to deliver The Racket Pack via:

  • Club sessions: The Racket Pack has been designed to be delivered to primary aged children and coaches will be able to use the session plans within their own weekly junior club coaching


    through new court time sessions put on each week to inspire new players to join you on court - and ultimately become members of your club.
  • School sessions: As part of our offer to primary schools, we will be recommending that PE teams talk to local clubs and coaches about delivering The Racket Pack in and outside of school time. 

    Why not be proactive and contact your local school to see what the opportunities are to motivate their pupils to swing a a Racket Pack racket (it is also great promotion for your club!)
  • Coach Mentors: Where appropriate, we will invite approved club coaches to work in schools alongside teachers and up skill them to deliver badminton in school. 

    This gives you a chance to see what the badminton offer is like in your local primary school and spot raw talent to invite to your club - all whilst not having to commit to delivering weekly sessions.

When delivering in a school, clubs and coaches will have a responsibility to ensure that the pathway for players into community badminton is simple, clear and available to all.

For more information on how best to deliver The Racket Pack, please contact: