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Referees should have a comprehensive knowledge of the Laws of Badminton and the Badminton England Regulations. They should also check event specific regulations where appointed:



Tournament Software

Tournament and League Planner can save you time on several painstaking tasks such as setting up group sizes, making the draw and most recently the importing of players national rankings to assist with the seeding process. It is now a requirement for all BE Circuit tournaments to use Tournament Planner.
If you require any further information about using either Tournament or League Planner please seek the User Guides on our website.
If you are on the Referees Register and require a licence for either Tournament please
Public Liability Insurance Abroad
Badminton England supports court officials who are invited to officiate at European and International Events and confirm that whilst on court in carrying out their official duties they are protected by BE’s Public Liability insurance policy. Please note that the Liability policy does not provide any off-court or travel insurance cover and this should be arranged separately. A quotation can be obtained from the following link if required
It will be the responsibility of the Referee to report any cards for misconduct on their report to Badminton England. Any action to collect fines or disciplinary from cards of misconduct will be made by Badminton England. Other penalties must also be included in your report, however any fines associated with these shall be dealt with by the organising committee.
Whilst the laws of badminton do not allow Referees to present Yellow or Red cards, the player should be warned and informed that a card would be the resulting action should an Umpire have been present. Any such incidents should be reported as a carded incident.
Disciplinary Procedure
Referees are reminded that the disciplinary procedure of Badminton England is available in theRules of the Association. It is important that any incident should be reported on the Referees Report or as an addendum to the report and must be submitted within 7 days to the events team or Badminton England Disciplinary Officer to enable action to be taken as necessary. To ensure that the complaint has been received you should request confirmation from the events team, or contact them to ensure that the report has been received within 24 hours. All supporting evidence should follow within 14 days of the incident.
Incidents relating to Child Abuse are not bound by these time limits; if you are witness to an incident it is your duty to report it as soon as possible. Any child protection incident should be reported in accordance with Section 6 (p.30) of the Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Guidelines.