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 Anybody can sign up to the referee register. The aim of the register is:

  1. To appoint Referees for all Badminton England sanctioned events from the Register;

  2. To ensure that all Referees on the Register deliver consistently, as a result of a minimum level of education, understanding and experience.

As part of the Referees’ Register members benefits include:

  • Membership of Badminton England
  • Be covered under Badminton England’s Public Liability Insurance when refereeing in the United Kingdom
  • Badminton England magazine (quarterly)
  • Badminton England email newsletter (monthly)
  • Discount on tickets to BE events
  • Referees Membership Card
  • Referees kit

Membership of the Referees’ Register has a duration of 12 months from 1 April – 31 March and costs £15, however those who are affiliated as a Badminton England Coach – there is no extra payment to join the Register.

There are four grades of referee, you will be appointed at 'Assistant' grade when you first join the register. Regional and National Grades are appointed by Badminton England based on experience and courses attended, International Grade is appointed by Badminton Europe and Badminton World Federation.

To sign up, please complete the form below and return it

 Referee Sign Up Form

For further information please contact the domestic competitions team: 01908 268400;