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Request a Referee

You can use the register to find a referee to appoint at your tournament. It is recommend that you provide the referee with accommodation where required, and reimburse their travel and subsistence costs.

Contact for more information.


Request a Referee


First Name Surname Grade County
Matt Asbrey Assistant Northants
Wayne Epton Assistant Wiltshire
Adam  Gresty Assistant Gloucester
Caroline Jones Assistant Gloucester
Joe Wright Regional Dorset
Crystal Wing   Essex
Roger Asbrey Assistant Northants
Allan Potter National Dorset
Beryl Ashford Regional Isle of Wight
Carl Barnard Assistant Essex
Brenda Bird Regional Derbyshire
Stephen Bird National Derbyshire
Sharon  de Maine Assistant Lancashire
John Earney Assistant Wiltshire
Cynthia Law Assistant Middlesex
John Lau Assistant Bedfordshire
Kyoko Osawa Assistant London
Barry Whitting Assistant Wiltshire
Janet Wobey Assistant Yorkshire
Ian Ross International Oxford
Ross Blyth Assistant Somerset
Paul Breakwell Assistant Dorset
Martin Brewster Regional Gloucestershire
Anthony Bristow National Suffolk
Eric Brown  National London   
Tony Browne National West Sussex
Mavis Bryan Regional Yorkshire
Roberta Cannell Assistant IOM
Roy Carder Regional Dorset
Stephanie Cartwright-Randle Assistant West Midlands
Roger Cook National Durham
Heather Crump National Worcestershire
Peter Gardner National Surrey
Stella Gardner National Surrey
Alan Gilberthorpe Regional Yorkshire
John  Gilbertson Asssitant Cumbria
Simon Gilhooly Assistant Essex
Bob Hammersley Assistant Avon
Darryl Hardcastle Regional Essex
Jessica Hastings Assistant Herefordshire
John Herdman National Middlesex
Zoe Hills Assistant Devon
Margaret  Houlton Regional Hampshire
Mederic Iaconelli Regional London
Dave Watts Assistant Leicester
Susan Jarvis Regional Devon
Glyn Pike Regional Liverpool
Philip Jones National Kent
Lew Kelly National Isle Of Man 
Ian  Little Regional Tyne and Wear
Andy Lovatt Regional Cumbria
Colin McBain Regional Essex
Rebecca Morrison Assistant Surrey
John Murphy Regional Wiltshire
Mike Newlove Regional  Hertfordshire
Alan Nottingham National Cheshire
Lesley Owens Regional Middlesex
Alison Pearson Assistant Essex
Simon Piff National Norfolk
Sally  Piff National Norfolk
 Steve  Pope  National Oxfordshire 





Eric Richardson National Hampshire
Helen  Richardson National Hampshire
Debbie Rigby Assistant Merseyside
Matthew Ross Assistant Essex
Rizvan  Sadikot Regional Warwickshire
Graham Siddle Regional Gloucestershire
Malcolm Slack Regional Devon
Josie Smith Regional Yorkshire
Malcolm Smith National Yorkshire
Sue Spink Regional Warwickshire
Yunus Suleman National Lancashire
Shamsu Uddin Assistant Warwickshire
Jan Upson Assistant Kent
Sak Wathanasin Assistant Coventry
Michael West Regional Isle of Wight
Brian White National Wiltshire
Sue Williams Regional Devon
Ken    Winchester  Assistant Hertfordshire 

NB: Assistant Grade Referees is an introductory grade for people with an interest in refereeing. Badminton England does not recommend Assistant referees for events other than to assist Regional referees or higher.