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Battle club night at Your leisure centre

Your Battle launch pack

We have a unique offer to get your leisure centre set up with a Battle Club Session. Battle is a competitive session of match play with an interactive leader board so players can battle it out against each other to see who finishes at the top each week. There is also the option for your coordinator to log results online to create a leisure centre league.

The offer includes a free launch pack including all the materials below to promote and run your session, offer prizes to participants and ultimately get more people playing badminton at your leisure centre.

What's in the free Battle launch pack?

  1. X-Frame Promotional Banner (x1): Ideal for placement in your reception area to attract maximum attention.
  2.  Water Bottles/Gym Towels (x15): Incentivise new users to sign up for your league or reward those sitting at the top of the table. We will provide you with fifteen branded water bottles and gym towels to support the growth and promotion of Battle Badminton in your centre.
  3. Promotional Net Drapes (x4): Can be used during designated Battle Badminton sessions or simply when courts are available for casual hire to raise awareness amongst the recreational market.
  4. AO Wall Mounted Magnetic Badminton Board (x1): With the fixings provided, the Battle Badminton board can be placed permanently on your sports hall wall to act as both a constant promotional presence and be utilised to facilitate your session delivery. The board will also contain an information section allowing you to detail session times, relevant contacts etc.
  5.  A1 Posters: Build awareness of the new opportunities available and put up posters across your centre to take Battle Badminton to a brand new audience.
  6. A5 Flyers: Have a supply of flyers available. Put them on your notice board or hand them out to existing user groups like No Strings Badminton or other casual groups to provide them with further information and direct them towards reception for the sign up forms.
  7. A5 Sign Up Forms: Have a stack of these ready at reception for anyone who wants to sign up. Also as a Venue Coordinator, ensure that you have a supply of these ready for new participants turning up at your sessions. Completed forms will provide you with all necessary information to be able to sign up a new user to your league.
  8. Business Cards: Providing a basic introduction to Battle Badminton, why not hand these out to your casual court bookers at reception, the perfect target market for the Battle Badminton platform.

How do I qualify for the free Battle launch pack?

To qualify all you need to do is identify a session day and time for your Battle club and email your local Participation Manager, who can then order your launch pack. (Launch packs will be allocated on a first come, first served basis – so act now to avoid disappointment).