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Tournament/Match Referees

Taking control

The referee is the most senior official in a badminton tournament and they in overall charge of all matters which affect play and the players on and off court.

The referee shall have key responsibility for:

  • Producing schedule and order of play
  • Amendments to the draw and schedule
  • The smooth running of play on the day
  • Liaison with Umpire and Line Judge managers
  • The correct implementation of regulations and the Laws of Badminton
  • Completion of a tournament report

Key skills a referee should have include:

  • A comprehensive knowledge of the regulations and the Laws of Badminton
  • Be a decision maker
  • Be able to interact effectively with coaches, players, players and other volunteers on the day
  • Ensure fair play

 Click here for the referee reports for the 2015-2016 season.