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Wellbeing Coach: Dawn Sanders

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Wellbeing Coach

I was one of the first EIS staff members to join the Badminton England support team and have loved my role so much I have been here for 16 years!

It has felt an honour and a privilege to be let in the lives of the players as they journey in through and beyond sport. I have always felt valued by players and staff and always feel what I do as a career can have an impact on performance and well as the person and their life here at Badminton England.

Worked in elite sport for the last twenty years as a Performance Lifestyle Coach for the GB Badminton squad and Technical Lead for the English Institute of Sport, recruiting and managing Performance Lifestyle Coaches in gymnastics, athletics, swimming and judo.

Now work part time for the EIS as Futures Lead developing a national programme of support to help athletes from all Olympic and Paralympic sport finding meaning and purpose in the next chapter of lives beyond sport. Alongside this work I have my own Wellbeing Coaching business, WinWell, supporting individuals and teams thrive in life and the workplace.

Seeing hundreds of elite badminton players have amazing careers in sport and beyond

I used to play rugby on the wing for England and Saracens!

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