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Wheelpower 141

Wheelpower - British Wheelchair Sport

WheelPower is the national organisation for wheelchair sport in the UK, and aims to help people with disability improve quality of life through a range of sports activities, provision of sporting facilities and events.

Limb Power

Limb Power (Locomotor disabled)

LimbPower offer relief to the physically disabled by aiding rehabilitation and improving the quality of life through providing access to recreational and competitive sports and arts opportunities, for the locomotor disabled.


Dream It Believe It Achieve It Foundation (DBA)

DBA has been established by Paralympians to promote the benefits of sport, health and an active Lifestyle, engage children, provide sports scholarships and raise funds for  athletes to compete at Rio 2016.


Mencap (Learning Disability)

Mencap Sport works with the governing bodies of sport and other sports providers to promote opportunities for people with a learning disability to participate, enjoy and excel in sport at all levels.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Sport (CP Sport)

Cerebral Palsy Sport (CP Sport) promotes and seeks to increase sport and physical recreational opportunities for disabled people and especially those who have cerebral palsy.

Blind Sport

British Blind Sport (BBS)

British Blind Sport encourages participation at all levels and ensure that sport facilities are accessible to every blind or partially sighted person in the UK, improving physical health and self esteem.