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The rankings are a measure of the where you stand in overall order of merit from tournament finishing positions in the last 12 months.

Ranking points are awarded to players competing in circuit tournaments, English National Championships and sanctioned international tournaments (those on Badminton Europe/Badminton World Federation calendar).

There are two ranking lists;

  • Badminton England National Ranking – this is for all players competing in junior and senior tournaments
  • Badminton England Masters Ranking – this is for all players competing in masters tournaments

A player may exist in both ranking lists if they play both seniors and masters tournaments.

Who is eligible for a ranking

To be eligible for a national ranking, a player must meet at least one of the below:

  • Be resident in England
  • Be born in England
  • Parent born in England
  • Last represented England

Players will only appear on a published ranking list if they have an active playing membership type at the time of publication.

Badminton England have the power to provide or remove a players national ranking.

Ranking Rules


  • Separate rankings for Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Mens Doubles, Womens Doubles, Mens Mixed Doubles and Womens Mixed Doubles.
  • Doubles rankings relate to the performance of the individual, not pairs.

How Are the Rankings Calculated

  • Points are awarded based on the level of tournament and finishing position in any event (see Ranking Points Tables below).
    • 1st round losers in knock-out draws or players coming last in a 1st round group will receive points for position 513/1024 regardless of the draw size (except in Gold Star events). Walkovers are classed as a win in this case.
  • Ranking Points are calculated as the average of the players best 6 points scores (4 for Masters Ranking). If a players does not have 6 scores then it is still calculated as an average of 6 (4 for Masters Ranking).
  • Ranking points only awarded in matches that are played in a Badminton England Circuit tournament.  So even age tournaments, for example, are not eligible.
  • Ranking position is determined based on highest to lowest ranking points.
  • Rankings are updated monthly, and the rankings calculated at the end of each month. The cut-off point for the rankings for the month is the last Friday at 12:00 noon.

Allocating Points for Knock-Outs:

  • BYE: If a player gets a bye and loses then they are treated as 1st round losers and are awarded 1st round points only. If they win then they get 2nd round points (unless they continue to win and are awarded the relevant level of points).
  • WALKOVER: Walkovers are treated as a win for the player who receives it. The player who conceded the walkover is awarded points relevant to the stage they have reached in the draw (Ie. If they have already won a match), unless it is their first match in which case no points would be awarded (Ie. A player must step on court to receive any points!)
  • RETIRED: If a player retires after a match is started then they are awarded points relevant to the position they achieve in the draw (except where a bye is received as per the rule above).

Allocating Points for Pool Draws (with knock-out stage after initial group stage)

  • BYE (IN THE GROUP STAGE): In round robins all boxes are treated the same. Where the groups are not all the same size, the smaller group is treated as if a bye occurs in that group. The player who finishes last in the group will receive 1st round losers points. All players who finish last in a group will get the same points regardless of group sizes, except where it may be affected by a walkover/retirement/withdrawal.
  • BYE (IN THE KNOCK-OUT STAGE): If a player is awarded a bye in the knock-out stage and lose there next match they are only allocated points according to their last win (eg. if a player loses in the 1st match of KO stage they receive points only according to winning their group).
  • WALKOVER/RETIRED/WITHDRAWAL (IN THE GROUP STAGE): If a player/pair is required to withdraw from their group before completing all their group matches (the unplayed matches are recorded as a walkover/retired as necessary), the results of all matches played by that player/pair are discounted when deciding the group positions. A player/pair that do not complete all matches in their group are awarded ranking points equivalent to coming bottom in the group.
  • WALKOVER/RETIRED/WITHDRAWAL (IN THE KO STAGE): Walkovers are treated as a win for the player who receives it. The player who conceded the walkover is awarded points relevant to the stage they have reached in the draw.
National Rankings Points Table
Masters Rankings Points Table

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