Purpose and functionality of online leagues

The Badminton online league tool will be able to bring all the leagues onto one site. It will be easier for clubs and players to find a league and vice versa.



  • See the membership status of players and clubs in your league

  • Updated from membership database automatically

  • Auto generate the match fixtures with venue and time all you need to do is add fixture date.

  • Teams can add fixture information if you grant them access

  • Match results can be entered by teams if you grant them access

Club & Players

  • Easy to find leagues

  • Manage your teams and reports to see who has played

  • Player results are entered so you can see your full match results online

  • Future development, to develop player profiles

  • Future development, to provide ranking/grading points to players

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Functionality of league structure:

  • Affiliate your league

  • Affiliating clubs to your league

  • Adding division to your league

  • Select settings to your league

  • Adding teams to your league

  • Create the fixture & add the results to matches

  • Enter players and scores

  • Flexible league scoring settings that can be applied for each division to deal with.

  • Ability for each division to be set up to their individual properties from division name, teams and club/team registration

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