Entry To International Tournaments

International tournament – Private entry

U17 International to Senior International Tournament Entry

All players residing in England are welcome to enter the Badminton Europe Elite Circuit and/or Badminton World Federation (BWF) international tournament circuit, provided they have a BWF number (if not, please send completed Player Form to internationalentries@badmintonengland.co.uk with proof of address) and are a member of Badminton England. Please see here for a summary flowchart for more information on the process.

Entry for all Internationals from U17 and up is to be completed via Badminton England Tournament Software. Entries to tournaments are available approximately 50 days before a tournament entry closing date.

Please be aware that the Badminton England Tournament Software closing date is the day before the BWF tournament closing date (i.e. Monday at midday). We cannot guarantee your entry will be submitted should you request post this Monday deadline.

All withdrawals are done through the same system, the Friday before the BWF deadline – please see below FAQs document to find out how to make a withdrawal along with other frequently asked questions.

Please ensure your clothing meets the required BWF/Badminton Europe regulations for the tournament you are attending, as fines will be payable for clothing that does not.

A Summary document from the BWF can be found here and information will be noted in the invitation for each specific tournament you attend which can be found on the BEC or BWF Tournament website calendar pages.

Entry for U11-U15 International Tournaments

Entry to U11-U15 Tournaments should be completed directly with the host as per the invitation document which can be found via the Badminton Europe links provided above by clicking on the specific tournament.


There are no qualification requirements for Badminton Europe Elite Circuit or Badminton World Federation international tournaments (other than age), unless otherwise stated. Players are confirmed in the Tournament once the Main & Qualifying report has been released on BWF Tournament Software tournament page post the entry deadline. 
Entries to Badminton Europe Elite Circuit and/or Badminton World Federation international tournament circuit are open to all players residing in England, provided they have a BWF number, are a member of Badminton England (with a compete license) and have no outstanding debts owed to Badminton England.  You can obtain a BWF ID by completing a Player Profile Form below and returning with proof of address to internationalentries@badmintonengland.co.uk. You can become a member of Badminton England here.
All entries must be made via http://be.tournamentsoftware.com   If you cannot locate the tournament and it is within 50 days of the entry closing, please contact internationalentries@badmintonengland.co.uk to have this added.  IMPORTANT: By completing the online process on BE Tournament Software (recommended to complete a minimum of 7 days prior to the BE Tournament Software entry deadline), you are only at this point requesting that Badminton England submit your entries to the specific tournament, on your behalf, via the Badminton World Federation (BWF) tournament entry softwareUntil you have received a confirmation email directly from Badminton England providing you with a copy of your BWF entry submitted via BWF software, you are not entered into the tournament.  If you do not receive this email by 9am Tuesday morning (the deadline day for BWF tournament entry), please contact internationalentries@badmintonengland.co.uk to ensure your entry has been received. 
This is to give Badminton England time to complete various admin processes prior to the official deadline.  This includes ensuring entries are correct and paid forto communicate with players, to ensure all pairings are complete where needed and to rank all entries prior to submitting to the BWF before the official closing deadline.  There is no allowance for late entries therefore Badminton England closes on the Monday to allow time for any issues/queries to be resolved prior to final submission.  
If you require a partner, please first check the list of published players who have already entered through BE Tournament Software in case anyone else is looking for a partner who you would wish to play with.  Requests should be made to internationalentries@badmintonengland.co.uk and on BE Tournament Software no later than 7 days prior to entry deadline.   You can also contact the Host directly – details can be found in the Invitation document on the BEC/BWF calendars. Partners must be confirmed before the Badminton England entry deadline.  Players partnering non-English players, must highlight prospective partner’s name, BWF ID and country on BE Tournament Software. 
Once the M&Q report has been published and you can see you have been accepted into the Main or Qualifying draw, you can go ahead and book your flights, accommodation and travel. 
As per BWF regulations state, ‘A player is deemed to have entered…  if the entry has been made and not been withdrawn by the Member Association by midnight local time of the BWF Headquarters on the closing date.  Any subsequent withdrawal by a player / pair accepted in the main or qualifying draw of the Tournament will not allow the player / pair to enter in any other Tournament with overlapping dates. 
Sometimes other players withdraw/get injured and therefore players on the reserve list can be promoted right up to the day of the tournament Badminton England will let you know if this is the case to confirm you still wish to take part. 
If you did not make it into the Main or Qualifying draw of the Tournament you entered, you are eligible for a refund of your entry fees (admin fee excluded).  Please contact internationalentries@badmintonengland.co.uk for this to be processed will be completed by the end date of the Tournament. 
From 3rd September 2013, an administration fee of £20.00 was added to the submission of all private entries for Senior international tournaments on the Badminton Europe Elite Circuit and / or BWF international tournament circuit. The administration fee is a single fee per person, per tournament entered. The payment of an entry fee will apply only to those tournaments stipulating that requirement. The administration fee will be payable for all Senior international tournaments irrespective of whether or not the tournament organisers charge an entry fee. In order to support the Badminton Europe and BWF International tournament circuit, Badminton England are required to fund the provision of umpires to support the number of English players attending a variety of senior international tournaments and to provide the administration of all the processes that are required in respect to submitting international entries and liaison with BWF/Badminton Europe and Host Organisers. 
These tournaments do not require entry via the Member Association and BWF Tournament Software. Entry to U11-U15 Tournaments should be completed directly with the Host as per the Invitation document for each Tournament, which can be found via the Badminton Europe calendar provided under question 11, by clicking on the specific age group and Tournament 
a. Before the BE closing date, withdraw via BE Tournament Software.  b. After BE closing date and before the withdrawal deadline, withdraw via BE Tournament Software and contact internationalentries@badmintonengland.co.uk   c. After the withdrawal deadline, contact internationalentries@badmintonengland.co.uk  
If you withdraw after the closing date, and you have been accepted into the tournament, entry fees are non-refundable (unless stated otherwise on the Tournament Invitation). The admin fee is non-refundable post the closing date. 
No.  As per, BWF regulations, if you withdraw from one event, you must withdraw from all. BWF / BADMINTON EUROPE REGULATIONS APPLICABLE TO ALL INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENTS. BWF General Competition Regulations can be found here. BEC Competition Regulations can be found here.

If you have any questions not covered in the above please feel free to contact internationalentries@badmintonengland.co.uk  

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Join the UK’s most played racket sport

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