21 February, 2024

Northstowe Badminton Club has utilised Badminton England’s Club Development Fund to grow the sport within the local community.

The Cambridgeshire club has provided a platform for women to practice and improve their badminton skills in a welcoming environment.

New town Northstowe officially became a civil parish in 2021 and will eventually have up to 10,000 homes with an estimated population of 24,400.

The nation’s favourite racket sport has an integral part to play in enhancing community outreach and increasing active female participation – Northstowe Badminton Club’s social sessions have made an exemplary impact.


Northstowe Badminton Club was established during the Covid-19 pandemic, and traditionally held weekly sessions open to all adults of varying ability.

When hosting open weekly sessions, the club found that women who attended and participated in the sessions were a minority.

They received feedback from attendees that they would prefer to improve their skills on court through training sessions which were specifically held for women in the community.

By setting up women’s social sessions, initially through the Big Hit programme, held over 10 weeks, the club targeted providing a fun and inclusive platform for women to work on their shuttling skills.


With the help of the Badminton England Club Development Fund, Northstowe Badminton Club set up women’s social sessions on Wednesdays at Northstowe Secondary College.

Sessions started on 4 October, taking place over a 10-week period, and rounded up on 13 December 2023.

Attendees paid £2 per session and most who participated were either beginners or had an intermediate playing ability.

The Development Fund was set up by Badminton England to provide financial investment to support the badminton community and grow the game.


In 10 sessions, 26 women participated resulting in a total of 115 bookings throughout the training block.

Funding is for projects that can show sustainability at the end of the funding period.

Northstowe Badminton Club has committed to offering one or two courts, depending on demand, for women’s badminton sessions on Mondays, continuing to build on the foundations that the Club Development fund has provided.

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