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Thoughts from England Coach Julian Robertson at the Thailand Open

With the Asian leg of the HSBC BWF World Tour now underway in Thailand, England coach Julian Robertson spoke to us as competition began on Tuesday.  


“It’s only the start of the Thailand Open but what a crazy start it has been! 
After waking up we were alerted that four people had failed their Covid tests. There were two Indian players, one Egyptian and one German player. As some of these athletes were playing in the morning sessions they were withdrawn from the event.  
Following this, three of these players were reinstated to the draw for the following day after having another test which was negative followed by some blood results which were clear.  
The English players were all aware of the situation going on however they managed to focus on their own training and prepare for their matches with good discipline. 
And prepared they were. Both men’s doubles had good wins against pairs they have lost to previously so this was a great boost and confidence after many weeks without competition. 
This is all about the players controlling what they can and not letting other things affect them outside.  
All the players are in good spirits, they have prepared well and are looking forward to their upcoming matches.  
And for sure its great to be back in arenas around the world watching this amazing sport take place. Im sure everyone here will agree.”