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Sue Williams-mothering two England athletes Part 2:

Following on from Wednesday’s introduction to Badminton Mum Sue Williams, mother of Alex and Ben Lane, here’s the eagerly anticipated second half of the interview!

“This year was especially lovely to get the reward for all the hard work over the years with the trip to Australia for the Commonwealth Games.” Sue said.

But an even more heart-warming memory was created last September: “Alex won the singles and Ben won the Mixed Doubles, that was just such a lovely day with all my family there-my cousins, my parents, my sister, aunties and uncles.

“I had been ribbing them because they hadn’t won a National title, whilst I had. So they now want to get a couple more to get one over me!

“We’ve had so many times when one has won and the other hasn’t, one is really happy and the other is disappointed.

“They both get on really well together and celebrate each other’s success, we are a tight-knit three and really rejoice in each other’s progress.

“The boys love badminton, so even when not playing I think they’ll continue to work in badminton, likely in coaching.

“I still remember Alex’s first tournament, I put a bike in the back of the car to keep Ben happy, so I could go out with Ben and his bike in between Alex playing. Then I asked Ben if he wanted to play, and from then on he got involved wanting to play instead of simply mucking around waiting to watch Alex play.

“We as a family all made sacrifices, we wouldn’t go on many holidays, we missed relatives’ weddings, even our own wedding revolved around the kids’ badminton. It does take over your life, some people are prepared to do that and I guess others aren’t.

“Because my parents did it for me then maybe there is a little bit of thinking there is a way, you can do it, however hard it may seem at times.

“We’ve loved it, I would encourage any parent to urge their kids into sport-it kept them off the streets at night, it is so healthy. Young active kids need ways to burn their energy off, they had to be doing something, and it worked really well for them.

“Sport brings values with it. It brings discipline, teaches kids rules, commitment-if you commit to going to training you commit, just as you commit to your doubles partner. These values are so important for children to learn and then to take into adult life.”


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