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One million rackets. One million stories.

For the one million people playing monthly, the world is better with badminton in it.

And each one of that million will have their own story as to how, why and with whom they are enjoying the nation’s most played racket sport.

Be it success on court, a unique experience to rediscover the sport or a life changing motivation for swinging a racket, those stories deserve attention.

At Badminton England, we have the channels – be it social, digital or web - for those stories to reach others nationwide and across the globe - growing the profile and popularity of the sport and taking it to new audiences who may themselves wish to take another look at the sport they enjoyed as a child.

So to take the hit and miss out of Badminton England sharing your success stories, videos or photos with our fan base, here’s how to get in touch:

1) Send your story or content to - using with subject line: My Badminton World

Your email must include:

Telephone number:
Member ID (if applicable)
Club Name (if applicable)
Title of story:
Story overview - no more than 250 words:
Why you feel its ‘National’ news:

You must also attach a suitable landscape photograph that Badminton England are free to use without any copyright or credit.


2) All content will be reviewed weekly on a Monday morning - but only if they follow the submission process above- if they don’t Badminton England won’t follow up to get any additional information and your story will not be reviewed.

3) The Communications team will review this against the Community News criteria and only contact you if this is successful to discuss any further information/content they require to publish this.


If your content is deemed suitable to share nationally we will advise you by email only.   Please note your content may be banked to be used in future communications, sometimes months ahead, or may be edited or summarised into short form for use in various formats or themed articles. However, an ETA on when it will be published cannot be issued or provided.

Badminton England receives a large volume of requests to publish information/news/content and we constantly track what our fans engage with to ensure we publish the right content on the right channel.  As a result we cannot give guarantees that content will be published nor can we provide individual feedback on submissions.  

Let's get sharing!