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New Look for BADMINTON England website

New Look for BADMINTON England website

Regular visitors to will notice a change to the left-hand navigation. From 13 main headings, the site now has just five -News, BADMINTON England, Team England, Tournaments and Play Badminton - which will all be continously displayed on the site, wherever the viewer travels.

The Online Shop will also always have an access point from the home page.

Over the course of the next week a brand new design for the site is being constructed, with a less cluttered navigation system at its core.

Here are the areas of content covered by each of the five navigations:

A full listing of all news stories.

This section includes the contact details for BADMINTON England staff and County officials, plus updates to the BADMINTON England handbook, rules and regulations and information on the organisation’s partners.

Team England
Here can be found all you need to know about our elite players,

Results, entry information and the tournament calendar – a one-stop shop for all competitive play information for junior, senior and veteran players.

Play Badminton
This is the place to discover how to get involved in our great sport - where to play, how to join BADMINTON England, learn about development and coaching initiatives, such as Club Future, and information for young people and schools.

It should be stressed that all the relevant information is still retained on the site, and much is in exactly the same place, but there are changes to where content can be found - the most significant of which are:

Club Future (Play Badminton), Coaching (Play Badminton), Junior tournament information (Tournaments), Affiliated Leagues (Play Badminton), Join BADMINTON England (Play Badminton), National Rankings (Tournaments), Veterans (Tournaments), Young People & Schools (Play Badminton)

The new design will be more dynamic and attractive, with the aim of making it easier to find information, and will incorporate new features and functionality which should make the experience of visiting the site more enjoyable.

The new site is planned to go online early next month - keep an eye out for it.

As always, your feedback is important to us - contact the following e-mail address: