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National Badminton Museum launches new website

The National Badminton Museum has just launched its new website, from its Home Page the website divides into 4 main sections, ‘Contact us’, ‘The Museum’, ‘History’ and ‘News’. The History section comprises of 3 topics – ‘Events’, ‘People’ and ‘Development’. In the ‘Events’ section are articles ranging from the First All-England to the First Professional Open Tournament. ‘People’ section at the moment, profiles of some of the great All-England Champions.

In the ‘Development’ section the topics are about early parts of the game of badminton. In the ‘News’ section of the website there are articles like: - ‘The 1924 Birmal aluminium racket with steel strings’ and ‘The shuttlecock that travelled 70 million miles before landing on the ground’. On a regular basis it is hoped that new topics and news will appear on the website. The Museum itself is based at the National Badminton Centre, Milton Keynes and hosts one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of badminton artefacts, archives and memorabilia in the world.