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Join Battle Badminton for free to challenge, improve and conquer

Join Battle Badminton for free to challenge, improve and conquer

BADMINTON England has opened up 10,000 free places for BATTLE BADMINTON, a brand new, innovative social badminton initiative aimed at the 1.9 million players who make up the casual badminton audience.

Places are still available for badminton players and sports fans nationwide wishing to get involved.

Battle Badminton takes social badminton to the next level, letting users find new players (aged 18+) to play and issue and accept challenges to ‘battle’ it out for pride on court  in singles or doubles matches.

Players decide how, when and where to play and can even set their own rules and scoring system, if both agree.

Battle Badminton players earn points each time they get on court. New local and national leaderboards mean players can rise through the Battle Badminton ranks. Users can also create their own leaderboards, amongst friends, in workplaces, universities, or sports teams.

There are 9 Battle Badminton ‘status’ levels to achieve. 

Sign up to Battle Badminton also includes free Club England Social annual membership (usually £5).  This provides insurance cover to play Battle Badminton matches and enjoy pay and play court time in leisure centres (but excludes club league, county competition or circuit tournament match play).

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