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Great results from the Tier 5 Tournament in Hertfordshire

What we have done?

  • We approached the Welwyn Hatfield hub to introduce the idea of a social tournament which was well received due to high volume of No Strings Badminton sessions being delivered in this area.
  • The hub helped us identify a coach who had previously experience in running tournament. Micky was passionate about providing a competitive offer for these social players.
  • Developed links with local No Strings Coordinators, participants and clubs to advertise the tournament.
  • The tournament organiser utilised his knowledge of the local badminton network to help spread the word – this included parents of county junior players and players he knew played socially.

How we have achieved success

  • Having a proactive and enthusiastic tournament organiser who was involved with the local badminton community meant that we were able to attract 38 participants across Men’s and Mixed doubles events with some participants taking part in both competitions in the first tournament.
  • Linking with local No Strings sessions enabled the tournament to be advertised to these participants and in particular the Coordinator who ran sessions at the first tournament venue was very supportive in spreading the message.
  • At each tournament there were a small team of volunteers who helped to support the tournament organiser in ensuring the event ran smoothly. This included a junior member of a local club who volunteered his time to input scores as well as volunteers from the Welwyn Hatfield badminton hub.
  • The popularity of the first tournament meant that the two follow up tournaments in May and July had over 45 participants at each tournament.
  • Cost was £10 per participant or £18 per participant if they entered two events. After all three tournaments there was a profit of £750 with each tournament making over £200.


  • Introducing competition to the social player. For over 80% of all participants this was their first experience of competition.
  • The high number of participants demonstrated a need for more competition for social players in the area. Based on feedback there was also an identified desire for more opportunities for female competition. As a result the follow up tournaments in May and July included a Women’s doubles event to go alongside the Men’s and Mixed competition.
  • With participants ages ranging from 16 – 81 and the average age of participants at 39 it is clear this level of competition appeals to a large sector of the community