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Badminton & Mental Health-Tom's story

Tom* was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and really struggled with increasingly becoming socially isolated from his peers. Like so many who suffer from mental health problems, his symptoms impacted on every aspect of his life.

Fortunately, Tom found sport, and specifically badminton, as an outlet and an opportunity to improve his situation. Despite feeling nervous and doubting his ability, he attended his first badminton session at a Places Leisure site in North Somerset.

Fast forward six months, and Tom’s lack of confidence is a distant memory. As well as overcoming his social isolation, he’s found both his fitness and his general well-being have also improved immensely from attending badminton sessions. In fact, Tom’s confidence has grown so much since attending the weekly sessions part funded by Badminton England as part of the North Somerset hub, that he has now secured himself part-time employment and even offers his spare time as a volunteer. A truly remarkable transformation!

Tom’s advice to anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation is: get on court!

“Badminton is a sport for all levels of ability… the hour flies by and at the end, people come off smiling and chatting. Please give it a go” he said.

Mental health continues to be an issue that directly impacts approximately one in four Britons every year according to From anxiety and depression to PTSD, recent studies have shown that whilst the number of people with mental health problems has not significantly increased, as a nation we’re looking for more ways to help cope with our mental health problems.

It has long been proven that physical activity has the potential to improve mood and reduce feelings of isolation in a team environment which is why here at Badminton England we’re dedicated to bringing you opportunity to be involved in the sport. Whatever your experience level or ability, find your nearest club so you can feel the benefits for yourself!



 *name has been changed to protect the individual’s identity