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Badminton England release Duty of Care Statement

Badminton England is pleased to announce the publication of its Duty of Care Statement.


The publication of Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson’s Duty of Care in Sport Review, shone a light on the sport sector and presented a series of recommendations designed to consider the well being of athletes operating in the world class performance environment.

Adrian Christy, Chief Executive of Badminton England said: “Badminton England responded extremely positively to the recommendations in Baroness Thompson’s Review but our Board also recognised the responsibility we have to our staff, our coaches and those in voluntary positions, alongside our junior and senior players.

“Our people make badminton. Whether they are players, staff, coaches or volunteers, they are extremely valuable to us we must never take them, or their wellbeing, for granted.

"The Duty of Care Statement that we are publishing today is the first step in our commitment to doing what we can to ensure the environment around them recognises that.

“Over the coming months, we will be developing an action plan that will consider those people and themes where it is felt the focus should be in the short, medium and longer term.”


Badminton England’s Duty of Care Statement can be read more