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Badminton England launches sports integrity policy

Badminton England is pleased to announce the launch of its Sports Betting and Integrity Policy.

There have been a number of high profile cases of betting and gaming issues within sport and following the recent launch of a similar policy by the Badminton World Federation, Badminton England has acted swiftly to state its intent to do everything possible to safeguard the integrity of the sport in England whilst protecting players and members from the threats that unscrupulous activity in and around the game can bring.

Adrian Christy, CEO of Badminton England said: “We are proud that badminton in this country is fair and free from manipulation and that our players are positive role models on the world stage.

“However, we are certainly not complacent and it would be naive to think that people in our organisation or our players could not be a target or be drawn into committing an offence, as set out in our policy, either knowingly or unwittingly.

“It is important that we lay down our policy and that all those in and around the game understand their duty to both act appropriately and to report concerns.”

The policy makes it clear that betting on badminton by any player, related person, tournament support personnel, Board member, staff member or volunteer is prohibited.

Clearly, any policy cannot be stand alone and the Sports Betting and Integrity Policy will be supported by an education programme which includes guidance on how to manage any approaches that may be made.

This training programme will begin shortly starting with the England programme players and support staff. This will be cascaded through to all Badminton England staff and Board over the following 12 months. We then plan to create an online training option for volunteers and club and county level players.

With immediate effect, all players entering Badminton England sanctioned events will be required to abide by the policy and therefore are urged to ensure they familiarise themselves with the content of the document. The policy is available at

For further information on betting, gaming and any other integrity issues in badminton please contact Emma Gibson, Ethics and Compliance Manager:

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