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Player Insight: Ways to Play

Chris Langridge and Heather Olver, Ways to Play outside, 220

BADMINTON England has recently launched a new campaign aimed at getting more people on court, more often.

The National Governing Body offers great ways to play whatever your age or ability. You can play badminton for fun, fitness, health or to compete.

GB players and Ways to Play ambassadors, Chris Langridge and Heather Olver are encouraging as many people as possible to find a local court and get involved.


28-year-old Chris from Surrey tells us why he believes badminton is the perfect whole-body workout.

I have been playing badminton since I was 10-years-old and I really do think it is a sport which offers the highest level of fitness and conditioning.

Badminton uses almost every muscle of the body; you can't get away with just being good in one single area. For example, you need strong legs as well as muscular endurance and strength of the forearm.

Then the lungs come into play too as you must be able to maintain a high speed for prolonged periods of times, so the heart and lungs need to be in good condition. Playing badminton on a regular basis helps to tone and define the whole muscular system.

It has helped me to keep in good shape, meet lots of new people from all around the world and improve at something I enjoy doing.

Right from when I first started playing, it has been a sport where you can meet up with your friends to play and have a laugh, which also leads to you meeting new people. This then helps with other skills such as teamwork and listening which you can use in every walk of life.

If you are looking for a sport in which you can tone up, get fit and healthy whilst having a great time, I would definitely say find a court and pick up a racket! You will discover a fantastic sport and you won’t regret it!



Heather Olver, 28, gives us her views on why badminton is the best way to shape up and get fit!

Having played badminton since I was six-years-old, I still love getting on court and playing badminton every day.

I think there are lots of health benefits from playing badminton - it's good for your aerobic and anaerobic systems, can help with weight loss and toning, and is also a good stress release too.

It makes me feel better about myself - running around and sweating out all the bad toxins! I can really notice the difference in the way I feel if I haven't played for a while.

It's also good socially as you get to play and compete with different people and make lots of new friends. I got started by joining my local club with my brother so why not get your family involved too?

There are around 24,000 badminton courts in England, so it is so easy to book a game at your local leisure centre.

I find it is a great way to get in shape, especially for the summer, so find your way to play today and you could feel the benefits too!

Check out for all our great ways to play.

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